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Articles for translators and linguists - Who is made happy by in vitro?
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Who is made happy by in vitro?

Despite the fact that the results of research into the effects of in vitro fertilization (IVF) are horrifying, laws making this procedure legal are forced through the parliaments of ever more countries, frequently through the “back door” and against opposition from citizens and scientists.

Who is made happy by in vitro?

An increasing number of people facing fertility problems let themselves be cheated and go for artificial fertilisation paid for with taxpayers’ money, without proper knowledge about the consequences of their decision. Without going into detail, I shall outline just a few of the problems.

1. Genocide

It is a well-known fact that the vast majority of human beings conceived through in vitro procedures perish. According to data from various centres, from 60 to 80 per cent die during eugenic selection (killing a human being considered ill at the embryonic or foetal stage), transfer, freezing and thawing (cryopreservation). Given that since 1978 about five million test-tube babies have been born around the world, we must accept that 20 million have been put to death. Under the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (signed on 9 December 1948), the punishable acts include not only genocide but also incitement, attempt and conspiracy to commit it and complicity in it. By paying with our taxes for abortion and in vitro fertilisation, we are guilty of complicity in genocide, which has taken the lives of about 20 million human beings in almost forty years.

2. The health problems of the survivors

In some of the children who “made it through” the eugenic sieves, a higher incidence of some forms of cancer is observed (leukaemia, embryonal brain, liver and kidney carcinomas). In addition, they have been diagnosed with blood circulation malfunctions and found to have a higher rate of intellectual disability. There is absolutely no doubt that to a significant degree these problems are caused by the in vitro procedure itself, diverging from the natural way of conceiving and bearing a child. The first research papers have come out (animal research), confirming that defects caused by IVF are inheritable.

Given that since 1978 about five million test-tube babies have been born around the world, we must accept that 20 million have been put to death

3. Anomalous development

The current knowledge on gene activity suffices to observe that IVF disturbs processes responsible for human development. The notion of organism development as the simple reproduction of a random sequence of proteins and amino acids should have long been considered a fairy tale. The biological development of man resembles rather a symphonic concert: it is an incredibly well coordinated process of the activating and silencing of individual genes. The human genome contains about 30,000 genes, but their activity in particular tissues varies greatly. The role of the “conductor” of our genes is played by DNA methylation, the proper course of which accounts for the correct cell cleavage, parental imprinting or transposon activity, etc. The IVF process is one of the factors disturbing proper DNA methylation, having disastrous consequences such as various congenital defects and impairments in the child. It has been shown that even as many as 800 genes of a test-tube baby have improper methylation.

4. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Before a test-tube baby is implanted into the uterus, it is screened for harmful mutations in chromosomes. The screening helps to improve the IVF efficiency up to 70 per cent, but entails another threat. The biopsy of embryonic cells (blastomeres) disturbs human development, as it severs intercellular linkages, distorts symmetry and deprives an organism of already molecularly diversified cells. These result later in metabolic and behavioural anomalies (animal research), which are a time bomb, because a favourable screening result does not warn parents about the future health problems of their child.

NaProTechnology, a much cheaper and more effective method, which really cures infertility, does not carry such threats to the health and life of a child, is not harmful and does not call for the killing of conceived children in the name of “possessing” at least one child

5. Ill healthy children

In healthy test-tube babies, we witness the incorrect methylation of the promotor of one of the genes responsible for blood vessel elasticity, resulting in excessive vessel stiffness and a predisposition to vascular sclerosis in foetuses. The incidence of the Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome (BWS) in IVF-conceived children is up to nine times higher than in the general population. That syndrome involves the excessive growth of internal organs, accompanied by an increased risk of childhood cancer. Opposite to the BWS in a way, the Silver-Russell Syndrome (SRS) is primarily characterised by low or very low infant birth weight, metabolic disorders (hypoglycaemia) and body structure defects. Scientists have shown a cause-and-effect relationship between IVF and SRS.

6. Postnatal defects

Many research papers have shown that in children conceived through IVF, development defects, including vertebrae defects, anal atresia, congenital heart defects, tracheoesophageal fistula, kidney and limb defects, urinary-sexual system and sight organ defects were eight times more likely to occur. Congenital defects in such children are more frequent by 30–40 per cent than in the general population. According to some research, congenital defects occurring in 30 per cent of children conceived through IVF require surgical intervention.

It must be stressed that this concerns postnatal defects, because as a rule the detection of one such defect during pregnancy ends in a eugenic abortion (hence the need to legalise abortion in countries where IVF is legal). Some defects, however, are not detected even in the first year after birth; hence the extension of the observation period up to three years considerably increases the number of detected development defects. Available research data is considerably understated, because quite often defects are not systematically reported and some defect registers do not give the method of child conception.

I am not sure whether anybody promoting IVF cares about the happiness of children and parents. Besides the above-mentioned risks, there are also emotional and genetic problems, because there is no telling how many children have been conceived using the spermatozoa of a single sperm donor, which may lead to unions of related individuals in subsequent generations. I am not convinced that these problems will be solved by the successive genetic manipulations which are applied increasingly often. And I do not believe that the parents who have been talked into believing that they have “a right to possess a child”, who have been kept in the dark about the problems and who will have to take care of a disabled child until the end of their lives are happy. Practically speaking, the only group of people made happy by IVF are those who make a profit out of it.

I am convinced, however, that NaProTechnology, a much cheaper and more effective method, which really cures infertility, does not carry such threats to the health and life of a child, is not harmful and does not call for the killing of conceived children in the name of “possessing” at least one child. I am certain, too, that faithful adherence to the Divine Word would have saved many problems generated in recent years by godless legislation and may save us others, provided that we begin to treat it seriously and do penance for the evil done by us whether we realise it or not.


The article was published with the permission from "Love One Another!" in September 2020.

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