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Ella One – death pill

The consequences of murder are terrifying and reach eternity, particularly if the most helpless, unborn children are slain. Entire societies are covered with the blood of their children and sink into mass genocide, inventing ever more sophisticated means of obliterating life. It would seem that the commandment “You shall not kill” is so simple and obvious…

Ella One – death pill

The World Health Organization (WHO) raises the alarm: around the world, abortion kills about 50 million children every year – they are torn into pieces alive, poisoned, burned with caustic agents, etc. Of this number, 22 million abortions threaten also the lives of mothers, ending in 5 million hospitalisations and 47,000 deaths. Yet the WHO’s main concern is not to save children threatened with abortion; this organisation sponsors so-called sexual education (read: encouragement to debauchery), contraception and “safe abortion”. Do not be fooled into thinking that “safe abortion” takes care of children’s safety so that they grow and develop safely in the wombs of their mothers. What it means is trying to make abortion legal and using the latest medical techniques to make killing more effective. As can be seen, the WHO cares for health in name only.

Meanwhile, Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church, proclaiming the truth about God’s plan for mankind, proposes a very simple and effective method of reaching happiness: abide by the commandments “You shall not commit adultery” and “You shall not kill”. If we abide by God’s commandments, sexual intercourse will be a hallowed act of marital love, conceived children will be able to be born to the joy of their mums and dads, and their mothers will keep their health. Nobody will convince me that the teachings of the Church are wrong.

What do we want to teach our teenagers?

As we have already written many times, “sexual education” and the availability of contraceptives do not solve the problem of unwanted pregnancies. It suffices to compare the number of pregnancies among teenage girls (aged 15–19): in the United Kingdom, 21 girls per 1,000 have an abortion, in Sweden, the figure is about 20, while in Poland only one girl per one hundred thousand undergoes an abortion. Even in 1997, when legislation in Poland permitted abortion “on demand”, the overall number of murdered children was 3,047, while at the same time in Sweden, whose population is one-fourth of that of Poland, ten times more children were slain (about 35,000) and in the United Kingdom, whose population is about twice as large as Poland’s, the number of abortions reached as many as 200,000 or almost 70 times more. A justified question arises as to whether Poland should introduce sexual education, modelled on that of Sweden and the United Kingdom, or rather those countries should follow Poland’s example and begin preparing their young people for family life.

The “morning-after pill” kills a conceived human being

Notably, neither the World Health Organisation nor “sexual education” programmes warn against the tragic consequences of killing one’s own children. If 50 years ago postabortion syndrome could be ignored, today it is a worldwide problem: in such countries as the US, Russia and Denmark, over 70 per cent of women have had an abortion, while 21 per cent of American women have had more than one abortion. Not only does abortion cause the death of a small human being, but it also has disastrous consequences for women, both physical (cervical rupture, uterine perforation, cervical atresia, bacterial infections, cervical and ovarian tumours; abortion has also been linked to anorexia, bulimia and asthma) and psychological (depression, sadness, loss of appetite, insomnia, growing irritation, lowered self-esteem and lack of selfconfidence, sexual disorders, breakdown of the relationship with born children, etc.). Discussing these problems, M. R. Gonzalez sums up: “There is no single example of a positive impact of abortion on women’s health. Quite the opposite: there are many studies showing how detrimental abortion is to both the minds and bodies of women” (Fronda, 2003/31, pp. 56–62). If, then, sexual education causes a dramatic growth in the number of abortions, would it not be desirable to begin it by describing the most serious cases of post-abortion syndrome?

Pretending that early abortive medications do not kill a conceived human being opposes not only the will of God but common sense as well

As we can see, everything depends on goals. If we want to be happy in beautiful, stable and faithful families and teach young people how to achieve such happiness, we will follow the voice of God, the giver of life and happiness. If, however, our goal is to murder, we will invest in the abortion and contraception industries, slaying our children, finally falling victim to the inhuman civilisation of death and at the same time depriving ourselves of the chance for salvation, because persisting in mortal sin and creating the conditions for committing mortal sin qualifies us, alas, for eternal death.

Does God only frighten us with hell?

I would like to remind readers here that hell is not unreal: Jesus seriously contrasts eternal life with eternal damnation. The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity (CCC 1035).

In Revelation 20:15, God’s Word tells us that ‘if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.’ In a similar way, Revelation 21:8 envisions hell as ‘the fiery lake of burning sulphur.’ You may wonder, Well, isn’t fire just an image in these passages? Aren’t these verses symbolic? Perhaps. But even if they are symbols, what are they symbols for? A wintry retreat or a summer vacation? No, they stand for something much worse. Surely burning fire and smoking sulphur are not symbols for a nice place to be. They are images that represent a terrifying place to be. Hell, according to Jesus, is a place of conscious torment and utter darkness. Later in the New Testament, hell is described as a place of neverending destruction, where people are separated from the presence of the Lord and the power of his might. Most horrifying of all, hell is a place of eternal duration.

Hell is a real place of eternal suffering and eternal death, to which we go by committing a mortal sin – and we will certainly get there if we are not sorry for the sin and do not accept God’s merciful love (cf. CCC 1033). By sowing death, we head for death – both earthly and eternal.

The “morning-after pill” kills a conceived human being

Many medications sold and advertised as contraceptives also have early abortive effects: hormonal pills and preparations used after intercourse to prevent a baby from being born, for instance, to say nothing of the fact that the use of contraceptives in marriage is morally wrong (and outside of marriage, it contributes to the sin of fornication). Above all, it must be strongly emphasised that by inducing a miscarriage, we commit homicide, regardless of the age of the child being killed. St John Paul II wrote: “The New Testament revelation confirms the indisputable recognition of the value of life from its very beginning” (Evangelium vitae, 45). Numerous opinions of scientists bear out this claim. For example, “A man is already a man from the moment when a male spermatozoon fertilizes a female egg cell” (Prof. Blechschmidt, M.D., Director, Institute of Anatomy, Göttingen University, Germany), “An egg cell from the moment of fertilisation is called an embryo, but there is no doubt that it is a human being” (Prof. Chazan, M.D., renowned specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, Warsaw, Poland).


The article was published with the permission from "Love One Another!" in September 2020.

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