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Articles for translators and linguists - A testimony of a former homoeopathist
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A testimony of a former homoeopathist

On the one hand, I felt anxiety in my heart; on the other hand, homoeopathy delighted and attracted me. I could not understand it, so I continued seeking, anxious to discover the truth.

A testimony of a former homoeopathist

How does homoeopathy work? The answer has several layers. In some cases, it comes down to the placebo effect: the patient believes that the medicine will help him, and thus his condition really improves, although the drug does not contain any active ingredients. Objective tests (when not only the person tested, but even the doctors themselves do not know which samples contain homoeopathic ingredients and which, for example, clean water or other inactivesubstances) prove the ineffectiveness of homoeopathic preparations. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of homoeopathic preparations does not exceed the effectiveness of other placebos. But is that the only possible explanation? And what if “something” in it really works? A lot of people are convinced, based on their own experience, that homoeopathic preparations help even very young children, with whom there can be no placebo effect; no one can convince an infant that it “will work because it was very expensive”. What, then, is the source of the effectiveness of homoeopathic preparations?

On the website of Father Vojtech Kodet,who was a long-serving exorcist, we became interested in the testimony of a Slovak doctor called Emílie Vlčkova, who dealt with homoeopathy for many years. We asked for permission to publish her testimony in Love One Another! and the doctor willingly agreed. Here is her testimony.

I was a “certified homoeopath”

I am a paediatrician. I have four children, aged 14, 12, 9 and 6. From 1995 to 2000, I trained in homoeopathy, and I have a certificate from the Austrian School of Homoeopathy. I participated in lectures on the so-called “revolutionary” Indian homoeopathy and I also graduated from the BIHOST course (on the biochemical and homoeopathic regulation of the metabolism). Since I was on maternity leave at that time, I used homoeopathic preparations mainly with my children and a few friends. I was delighted with homoeopathic preparations, because I believed that they were safe herbal preparations.

First success, then problems

I treated my children with homoeopathic remedies primarily to cure their infections of the upper respiratory tract. My daughter was first on antibiotics, which did not help, so I gave her homoeopathic remedies, which effectively cured her chronic bronchitis. Also, a wart I had disappeared just one day after using a homoeopathic preparation. Occasionally, a homoeopathic preparation would not help my friends, but I explained this by saying to myself that I did not have enough practice and experience. After some time, my children began to experience difficulties which I could not explain; they were not physical, but mental.

Internal chaos: admiration and anxiety

What did my further journey with homoeopathy look like? Our priest warned me that this type of treatment was associated with the New Age movement, but because I strongly defended homoeopathy, in the end he told me to continue examining it carefully. So I attended another course. Deep inside, I began to feel very anxious, but I did not know why. I read everything there was to read about homoeopathy, and I asked a lot of people for their opinion, but nobody gave me a satisfactory answer. On the one hand, I felt anxiety in my heart; on the other hand, homoeopathy delighted and attracted me. I could not understand it, so I continued seeking, anxious to discover the truth.

The homoeopath knew that it was magic, but she did not say even a single word about it at the course!

The first steps to knowing the truth

My beliefs changed greatly because of two events. A friend of mine told me about a meeting with an alcoholic, who was found lying on the ground one winter evening. They escorted him home and said for him a prayer for deliverance from the demonof alcoholism. After a month, they learned that the man had stopped drinking and was preparing to receive the sacraments. She explained to me how they had prayed for him. That was the first time in my life that I had heard of such a prayer.

Another event which helped change my thinking was reading a book by Judith Erdélyiowa, Alternatívna medicína vo svetle Biblie[ Alternative medicine in the light of the Bible] (Bratislava, 2000). The author often connected alternative medicine, to which she also included homoeopathy, with the occult. I was very scared. I did not want to have anything to do with the occult. I knelt before the cross and began to pray, saying: “Lord Jesus, please deliver me from the demon of magicand the occult”. Then I prayed for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The prayer was bursting from my torn inside. Later I realised how much it had changed the direction of my life. What followed – a complete change in my way of thinking – I consider a miracle to this day. Immediately things began to be clear to me.


At my last course in homoeopathy, I bought two devices in the belief that I would use them in the treatment of patients. With the device which uses the method of EAV (Dr Voll’s electroacupuncture), you can examine the patient and find the most appropriate homoeopathic preparation for him. In this way, the homoeopath saves a lot of time that otherwise he would have to spend on looking for the right drug in the Repertory and Materia Medici. With this apparatus, you can also develop homoeopathic medicine, even from clean water. All the homoeopath needs are the so-called diagnostic drugs. With the help of the apparatus, the patient receives homoeopathic drops – clean water to which “information” from the homoeopathic preparation is added. The apparatus is also used to measure the energy in the individual acupuncture points. It was sold by dealers from abroad at the course. I had to decide quickly, and fellow homoeopaths encouraged me to buy it, saying that it was a very useful apparatus.

A pendulum with a fashionable design

I used the device several times. It turned out that it worked. I did not need any homoeopathic medicines. It was enough to have just this device. In the last lectures that I attended, the lecturer concluded that the effectiveness of homoeopathy did not rely on the action of chemicals, but on the transfer of information. I felt very stupid then, because I had attended various courses for five years and learned about it only then.

On the dial of the apparatus, there was no symbol for a unit of physical measurement. I realised then that the apparatus gave me only two simple answers (like a pendulum): answer “yes” when the light goes on between points 80 and 90; answer “no” when the light goes on between points 50 and 60. I was terrified, because I realised that it was an occultist apparatus. If a doctor used a pendulum, everyone would laugh at him, but in our days it is very simple to construct a device with a fashionable design that will make a better impression. The apparatus was still on warranty, so I wanted to return it right away and get my money back; it had cost 1660 euro (for Slovakia, that is a very big sum!). I called the dealers to tell them that my apparatus had broken. They laughed at me, saying that nothing could go wrong with it.

A lot of people are convinced, based on their own experience, that homoeopathic preparations help even very young children … What, then, is the source of the effectiveness of homoeopathic preparations?

I believed in such a thing!

The second device – a Psion pocket diary – resembles a slightly larger cell phone. The way it works is that you write the name of a homoeopathic drug and the patient’s name on the display and by pressing the “Mode homoeopath” the information (which is homoeopathic medicine) is transmitted directly into the patient’s body. Unbelievable! I believed in such a thing! I asked my brother, an electrical engineer, what information the device transmits, because it seemed to me that it worked. My brother called me a fool believing in such things. Having looked over the device, he said laconically: “It’s is a normal diary”. Then I still did not understand what was going on… until, that is, after the prayer for deliverance, when a thought came to my mind: “The device does not have anything, so it’s magic! This is an occultthing!”

“And what were you thinking?”

I wanted to return it and get my money back. Speaking to the homoeopath I had talked to earlier, I said that I understood that it was about white magic, and therefore I did not want to continue using the device. Her answer surprised me. She said: “And what were you thinking?” I felt like someone had hit me on the head. The homoeopath knew that it was magic, but she did not say even a single word about it at the course! So I began to study it.

Studies have shown that the effectiveness of homoeopathic preparations does not exceed the effectiveness of other placebos. But is that the only possible explanation? And what if “something” in it really works?

The first book my husband bought me was a letter from the episcopate of Tuscany: Magic, Divination and Demonic Influences (Jas 2001).From the introduction to this book, I learned that there is a likeness magic, according to which like is born from like. I immediately remembered the first principle of homoeopathy: “like cures like” and realised that homoeopathic principles are derived from magic.My decision on homoeopathy was clear: an end to it! I also abandoned the French school, which is not about the effects of herbs and minerals, but about the action of magic– white magic! Slowly, things which I had not understood on the homoeopathy courses began to be clear to me. I also began to understand the relationship between these things.

The reverse face of homoeopathy

As I have already mentioned, I started having problems with my children. My eldest, a then nine-year-old daughter, was having bad dreams during homoeopathic treatment, waking up at night in fear. I looked for a variety of reasons, but in the beginning I did not think that homoeopathy might be the reason. The culmination was when my daughter in her dream saw the devil, who wanted her to say “yes”. Then she dreamed again of the devil,who wanted to cut off her arms and legs. I said with my daughter the prayer for deliverance, and such dreams came to an end, but the fear of falling asleep disturbed her for a long time.

My second daughter could not breathe at night, and although she did not have a cold or any allergies, her respiratory problems were getting worse. She went through an ordeal: she could not breathe, she was angry, kicking her legs in bed and waking her siblings. Once a thought came to my mind: “Try to pray!” The next time my daughter was in this state, I put my hands on her and said the prayer for deliverance from the demon of homoeopathy. To my surprise, she fell asleep, and she slept peacefully through the following nights.

My son, who was three years old at that time, experienced states of dangerous aggression, which I could not understand. I did not say the prayer for deliverance only for my youngest daughter, who was six months old when I stopped using homoeopathy.

They burned the books, and I burned the devices

A further question arose in me: “What next?” At that time, a retreat about inner healing helped me a lot. Thanks to it, I understood the condition I found myself in. I began to read the Scriptures intensely. On the basis of the biblical text: “A number of those who practised magic collected their books and burned them publicly” (Acts 19:19), I burned all my homoeopathic books. But I did not know what to do with the devices. It took me seven months to realise that I had to destroy them as well. Together with my husband, we dismantled and burned them, and I was filled with peace.

Emília Vlčková


The article was published with the permission from "Love One Another!" in September 2020.

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