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Articles for translators and linguists - The True Face of Contraception
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The True Face of Contraception

We often allow evil into our lives in the belief that it will solve some problem of ours. The evil of contraception entered our world in precisely this way. It was supposed to set us free and make our lives easier. But after decades of such a “liberated” life, more and more people are coming to the realization that such slogans have no basis in reality. Only Jesus brings real freedom.

Feminist circles promote contraception as a means of freeing us from the fear of unwanted pregnancy. This sounds appealing, since even good marriages face situations when a pregnancy may seem undesirable. Contraception appears to solve the problem, but in reality it only creates other, far worse, problems. People begin to place their hope in contraception, but the Biblical wisdom that “hope does not disappoint” (Rom 5: 5) applies only to hope which is it placed in God. Alas, in the case of contraception, many are in for a bitter disappointment. I cite an eloquent testimony:

“I had an abortion this year. I was living with this guy and we were afraid of me getting pregnant. I took my pills daily, at exactly the same time every day, with maniacal regularity, and still I got pregnant. Now my friends tell me I was stupid to put all my hopes in the pill. Didn’t I know I had to take other precautionary measures as well?”

Observe that the author of this testimony created many problems for herself: she was living with a guy, she feared getting pregnant, and she killed her child. Contraception was supposed to solve these problems, and yet it failed. Her “smart” friends knew of course that some contraception was not enough. That is how the dealers of contraception thought it up: some contraception solves a few problems, lots of contraception solves lots of problems. All this, so as to sell more contraceptives. But does lots of contraception really solve a lot of problems? Apparently not. I cite another testimony.

“You would have thought a thirty-something-year-old, intelligent, worldly, and sensible woman would know how NOT to get pregnant. I was paranoid on the subject. I took my pill fanatically — exactly as prescribed. I was scrupulous to a fault. I made sure I always had a morning-after pill handy and if there were the slightest chance the condom had leaked or that I had not taken my regular pill exactly on time, I would take one. And if I did not happen to have a morning-after pill handy, I would rush off to the pharmacy to buy one.”

Hormone pills, condoms, abortifacient “morning-after pills by the boxful — but zero peace of mind, zero freedom, zero love. What kind of life is this? Under such nervous conditions, even Sex, which is the reason for doing all this, is incapable of giving pleasure, either to the woman or to her “partner.” For what pleasure is there in having sex with nerve-wracked woman who pays more attention to the condom than her partner? What is worse: even when the woman does drown her humanity in a sea of contraception, she still cannot feel 100 percent “safe.”

“I had my first abortion at the age of sixteen….After that experience, I took my pill with religious fervor. I refused to take any medication (e.g. antibiotics) for fear of it adversely affecting the pill’s action. And once more I became pregnant — at age nineteen. O.K. These things happen. Another abortion. And now, while on the pill (a much stronger one) and ALWAYS with a condom, I am pregnant again, aged twenty-one”

It is appalling how people, once they have come to believe into contraception, will stand by their belief despite all the failures, despite all disappointments, despite everything! This “religion” demands sacrifices, first financial, then bloody — one’s health, one’s own child. But for what? Some illusory freedom? Having sex with anyone you like? Isn’t it obvious the price is too high, and the benefits non-existent?

By way of contrast, I cite one more testimony, this time by someone who has pulled herself from the mire of contraception and come to see the benefits of fertility awareness methods. “I gradually realized that I had never known my body, my fertility, my marriage, my faith….Now I could be free of the hormone pill and its side effects, such as weight-gain and irritability. I could enjoy sexual intimacy, unencumbered by the unaesthetic and uncomfortable ‘barrier’ methods. I could also enjoy my own body as God created it, accepting fertility as a blessing and not a curse.”

Clearly, it is not the natural methods that gave this woman her freedom. Only God gives us freedom. But it is obvious that the author of this testimony had fallen into the idolatrous religion of contraception, forgetting the fertility inscribed in her body, her husband, and God Himself. Only by freeing herself from the sin of contraception and returning to normality was she able to build authentic marital love and experience gratitude for the gift of her fertility.

Jesus answered them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin….So if [the Son] frees you, then you will truly be free” (Jn 8: 34-36).

Mirosław Rucki

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The article was published with the permission from "Love One Another!" in August 2016.

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