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Barbarians of the 21st century

Rejecting stable moral norms results in the degradation of man and the rise of appalling practices, unknown even among animals.

Cannibalism in China

Hong Kong’s English-language newspaper Express Extra reports a common practice in the Shenzen Province of the People’s Republic of China. Doctors in this province eat and sell the flesh of aborted children as “health food” (NRL News, April 24, 1995).

Posing as doctors, four journalists working for Eastweek Magazine (a sister publication to Express Extra) approached several hospitals in the Shenzen province about the possibility of buying human fetuses. A doctor at the Women’s and Children’s Health Center handed one of the journalists a bottle crammed with fetuses, saying, “There are 10 fetuses here, all aborted this morning. You can have them. Normally we doctors take them home to eat. Since you don’t look well, you might as well have them”.

Luo Hu, a woman doctor working in the same institution, observes that human fetuses are very nutritious and in great demand. The most sought-after are from abortions performed on young women. Male fetuses are considered more nutritious. The doctor claims to have eaten over 100 in the past six months. “They are wasted – she adds – if we don’t eat them. The women undergoing abortions here don’t want the fetuses. Anyway, the fetuses are already dead when we eat them.”

Another doctor, Dong Men Lao, informed the journalist that the price of a fetus ranges, according to weight, from 10 to 40 dollars. State clinics are cheaper than private clinics, where they can charge as much as 300 dollars per fetus. In Men Lao’s view, the best therapeutic results come from 9-month-old fetuses, and he accepts orders for such. Thus, in Communist China, the bodies of aborted children are used as “new dietary products” ensuring “a stronger body and a smoother skin.” Only Christian doctors condemn this practice as outright cannibalism

“Wonderful Medical Procedures”

Partial-birth abortions, routinely practiced in “democratic” countries such as the USA and Sweden, amount to an extremely cruel form of murder. They are performed in order to retrieve vital organs and the aborted child’s brain tissue, which is said to cure Parkinson’s disease. The pregnant woman is persuaded to delay an abortion until the thirty second week of pregnancy. By this time the fetus is 30 cm long and capable of living outside the mother’s womb. Here, medical “science” operates on a single principle – the bigger the fetus, the bigger the pay-off. So the abortion is performed. To reach the child’s head, the doctor widens the uterus and pierces the womb. When the head moves to the entrance of the uterus, the brain tissue is removed by means of a syringe. Scientists at the University of Indiana, USA, are now touting a “wonderful” way of proceeding with heart disease and other ailments. Rather than resort to a transplant with its inherent risks of organ rejection, why not conceive a baby, kill it before its term, then transplant its cells into the deceased organ, thus rejuvenating it.

This is Satan working through his agents – people who treat others as “agglomerates of cells” and destroy respect for human life. By destroying “God’s image” in us, they bring on further dehumanization and possession by demons.

Cosmetics and “Abortion Waste”

The bodies of children killed by abortion also provide an “extremely valuable substance” for the production of cosmetics. On March 31, 1994, the Italian daily Corriere della Sera reported that the Merieux Institute in Lyons, France, “processes” 17 tons of human fetal material every day. Refrigerated trucks filled with fetuses make regular trips from Eastern Europe. All this to provide the cosmetics industry with raw material! The shipment documents record this material as “abortion waste.” Ironically, animal fetuses cannot be treated this way. The French daily Quotidien de Paris recently ran an advertisement for a moisturizing skin-care product made from human fetal extract.

The Illegal Market in Human Organs

The BBC reports that whenever there is a demand for transplant organs in China, the number of executed prisoners suddenly increases. The method of execution resorted to depends on the organ in demand. Typically, the organ recipients are high Communist Party functionaries and wealthy foreigners, who will pay as much as $30,000 for an organ (NRL News, May 17, 1995).

A panel of thirty-five UN experts was commissioned to study the problem of the illegal trade in children’s organs. Their conclusion was that this phenomenon is practiced worldwide. In Brazil, over 15,000 homeless children are killed in the streets each year. According to the same panel of experts, autopsies performed on the bodies revealed that in 75 percent of the cases body organs had been removed, most probably for transplant purposes. In an interview published in Il Giornale (September 4, 1995), former Italian government minister Antonio Guidi confirmed the existence of a well-organized illegal market in human organs as well as a child-smuggling network across Africa, India and the countries of the former Communist Block. Two Israeli child-smugglers had been arrested in Guatemala – stated Guidi. They confessed to smuggling young children from India to Israel and the USA. Clinics subsequently bought their organs as “spare parts” for treating sick children. According to the two men, each child – “that strange piece of merchandise possessed of a soul” – was worth 75,000 dollars. In India many impoverished families have resorted to giving birth to children with the express purpose of creating a transplant donor. Children’s kidneys are especially in demand in the West. The few thousand dollars, which the family receives for such an organ, can secure another child’s future for many years.

Genocidein the Heart of Europe

Until his conversion to Catholicism, Dr. Bernard Nathanson headed America’s (indeed the world’s) biggest abortion clinic. During his visit to Poland on October 19, 1996, he warned his audience that the legalization of abortion in Poland would be the first step toward the mass extermination of developmentally delayed children, the elderly, and the terminally ill. In short, it would lead to the elimination of society’s most defenseless and dependent members. The legalization of abortion – observed Nathanson – results in the devaluation and dehumanization of life. “I am here to beg the Polish people not to embark on this road that America took,” he added. A group of seven hundred physicians, members of an anti-euthanasia organization in the Netherlands, claim that it was not until the abortion law was passed in 1968 that euthanasia became a problem in their country. The legalized killing of unborn babies, became the first step down the slippery slope toward more generalized killing. In Holland, the sick, the elderly and the handicapped are now being routinely euthanised, usually without their consent or knowledge. From history we know that euthanasia began in 1934 in Nazi Germany, where it became legal to kill physically and mentally handicapped people.

Dr. Richard Fenigsen has been practicing medicine in Holland since 1968. In his book entitled Euthanasia: Death by Choice (published 1994) he provides eye-witness evidence that “Dutch hospitals are practicing euthanasia on children and adults on a mass scale. And this not only without the patients’ consent or knowledge, but often without their family’s consent or knowledge as well. Sick people go to hospitals seeking help, expecting to receive this help, trusting completely in their doctors’ professionalism and good faith, then end up being killed by them.”

Dr. Fenigsen goes on to observe that “so long as life was held inviolable, and medicine was bound by a firm, unwavering prohibition against the harming of patients, with stern justice awaiting the transgressor, physicians did not dare kill anybody. As soon as society and the courts softened their stand on euthanasia, doctors of the basest sort, only slightly ahead of the pack, began applying themselves to this ‘new branch of medicine’. Thus, physicians turned into fanatical killers or killers ‘willy-nilly’”.

Dr. Karel Gunner, a member of the anti-euthanasia movement, cites examples of hospitals killing their patients with complete impunity. The Dutch Association of Patients has begun warning patients and their families that people are being killed in hospitals without their consent or knowledge. It is advising the public to monitor the activities of their doctors, but any such monitoring is insignificant. Dr. Gunner stresses that in Holland it is only the Catholics and Evangelical Lutherans who voice any opposition to euthanasia. By contrast, the press, radio and television continue to surround this monstrous engine of extermination of people, who are utterly defenseless and most in need of our special care and love, with an unassailable wall of silence. When people reject the moral absolutes of the Ten Commandments, and accept ethical relativism, they bring on, by virtue of their godless position, the most appalling practical consequences. Criminal acts and radical abuses of freedom follow as a matter of course. “Thus democracy” – writes John Paul II – rejecting its own norms, degenerates into a totalitarian system. The state is no longer a ‘house for all’, but becomes a tyranny arrogating to itself the right to dispose of the lives of the weak, the defenseless, the unborn and the elderly. And this in the name of social utility, which means nothing more than the interests of a particular group” (Evangelium Vitae, 20).

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