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Articles for translators and linguists - Fasting: Personal Tips on How to Fast
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Fasting: Personal Tips on How to Fast

One of the most important points of a fast is to go into and out of it slowly, and properly. During a fast your body truly does enter a different regime. Your stomach and intestines don't work like they usually do, and the last thing you want to do is to come in and/or out of such a different mode with any sort of shock.

So I like to prepare my body well in advance. Since I improve on my fast every year, I will explain my last fast in spring of 2007, which was the most effortless, and probably powerful, fast yet.

It so happened one year that I accidentally ended my fast on Easter. Since I believe in God, this seemed fitting, and perhaps a sign from God, so I made it a custom after that - to always end my fasting period on Easter.

Also, once I tried a fast session in fall, but my body really did not like it. It felt like it was getting ready for another cold winter, when it was stocking up on energy supplies, and really seemed averse to the idea of entering a fasting period. So I would recommend you do your fast during the spring. When nature generally goes through its renewing period. It is always better to follow nature, and God (who is and made nature), and to listen to one's body.

To prepare my body for the fast, I decided to earmark the biblical 40 days for this purpose. So I subtracted 40 days from Easter, and since this turned out to be around my birthday, I indulged in one last shoondig, partied it up, and from my birthday, vowed not to pollute my body until the fast was over. This meant no meat, no alcohol, do drugs, no cigarettes. I guess sex is okay, but I found my desire for that practically disappears during every fast. I imagine my body was telling me, "Hey pal, if you can't even find food for yourself, how do you expect to start a family?" Amazing how the body works, eh? So expect zero sex drive.

The first part of my fasting period was spent cleaning and preparing my body. Not polluting it, and letting itself clean itself in the way that it naturally does. When I started with the parasite cleanse, the instructions stated I should not have any breads or food with yeast in it. Really? Well then, might as well take the biblical example, and during these forty days, do not eat anything with yeast in it.

Over the preparation period, I would very slowly also focus on eating less. Do not gorge and pig out. In fact, the only scientific way they have managed to extend a rat's life is by denying it of food. Excess calories kill you. So exercise this restraint even more now. Do not overeat, but perhaps have your unleavened/Lebanese bread by your side and nibble on that over the entire day. I focus on the fact that I am entering a fasting period, and actually find that my body expects it this time of year, and gradually, every day, I find I am eating less and less, without any effort. Make sure to drink lots of clean water. This will fill you up, and start the cleansing process.

Now this year I combined my fast with a parasite cleanse, because the liver cleanse suggested it. So for two weeks before I started the actual fast, I would go on a parasite cleansing program. Your body is a living organism, and within it are teaming millions of different kinds of parasites. For a proper liver cleanse, you want to clean your body as much as you can of parasites beforehand. For this I found ParaGone 1 and 2. It was amazing what horrible things my body was getting rid of at the end of the two weeks. But make sure to follow carefully the instructions of what to eat. I was nibbling almost only on unleavened bread, and produced a horrible and painful diarrhoea on day 15. So I suggest nibbling also on white yoghurt and brans as well, to produce some reasonable stool.

But by the time the parasite cleanse was coming to an end, I had already been eating very little, drinking lots of water, and my body wonderfully prepared to enter the fast.

I like to do a full eight days of water only. This seems a short enough time for me, and this time it was rather painless. But I imagine that, if this is your first or one of your first few times fasting, this may be too extreme for you. I do not believe that slowly eating less should be too painful. Your body adjusts, your stomach shrinks, and this should not be a painful process, especially if you are allowed to nibble on food all day.

But how you go about the actual fast is up to your own experimentation. Perhaps you could try one or two days of the lemon juice fast. The parasite cleanse says you should not have any fructose, or even maple syrup, so it is a hard call to make. If possible, try at least one day of water only. This will prepare your kidneys for the kidney cleanse. Try to go as many days of water only as you can. I like to go three.

Once you have survived that, you can look forward to the kidney cleanse, because it calls for a massive diet of watermelon. So pull out your handkerchief, knife and spoon, and be prepared to feast like a king on your first hearty meal. The instructions for the kidney fast says you should nibble on as much as two large watermelons all day long, while lying in a warm bath and casually urinating out your stones over the entire day. I find this rather inconvenient and difficult to accomplish, but try if you can anyway. You may have extreme diarrhea, but mostly in the form of water and some pulp gushing out through your intestines. This is okay, because it is good to flush out your intestines at least once a year. You are cleansing your body, so might as well cleanse and scrub every corner of it. Did you know that pork lines your intestinal walls, and beef tends to clog it? I've heard a story of an autopsy where they found the intestines so clogged that there was only a pinhole in the centre allowing anything to get through. All this caked-on junk stays on your intestinal walls, seeping toxins back into your bloodstream, and harming your body further. It is good to eat leafy vegetables and bran throughout the year, to occasionally clean out your intestines. But if you don't do that, at least this forty days should take care of that for you. Eat lots of leafy salads and get this process moving during your preparation period. If you would like to help it along, you can try the pure intestinal flush, which is to drink about one and a half litres of sea salt water. You can make your own, if you are not by the sea or ocean, but you need to buy sea salt and not use regular iodized table salt. Bring the water to the flavour of the ocean and drink it all down in about five minutes. Then wait by the toilet, because in about ten minutes you won't have much warning and you'll experience Niagara Falls. Before or in between jet sessions, you can lie on your back, raise your legs, and move them around a bit. This seems to loosen up the intestines and speed up the process a bit. Be prepared to hang around the toilet for about 30 minutes or more. By the end of it you will probably only see clear liquid gushing out like through the end of a regular garden hose. This will wonderfully clean out your intestines and something you are supposed to do several times a year. (More details on the sea salt water intestinal flush on the juice fasting pages.)

Otherwise, eating lots of salad and/or bran, together with the parasite cleanse and the diarrhoea that it produces, and then the kidney and liver cleanse, seems to do a good job of cleaning out the intestines. If you are not doing the full forty days, or spent a lifetime or year of gorging out on meat, you might try this salt water intestinal cleanse in combination with the leafy salads and bran during your preparation period.

Once you are done with the kidney cleanse and your watermelon feast, the next day you are ready for your liver cleanse. And this is the piece de resistance. This for me is always the greatest pleasure of the fast, albeit rather disgusting, because I can actually see what unwanted things I've gotten rid out of my system.

A quick explanation first though. Most people, and doctors, think kidney stones and not liver stones. Actually, speaking of doctors, I'd rather not embark here on a long thesis of how western medicine is not preventive, but rather serves to further enrich the wealthy pharmaceutical companies, with doctors as their ambassadors, willingly prescribing you every chemical and drug, for which I'm sure they get some kickback, and almost never giving you sound preventive medical advice. I believe western medicine can be useful for performing diagnostic tests, or actual surgeries when absolutely necessary, but I generally try to stay away from them, and generally never have to visit them, because I exercise preventive medicine, and hence have no reason to. So if you consider me a quack (which I would understand) and go to your local doctor asking him for his advice on all this, do not expect to get an endorsement. Even my Chinese doctor looked at me in horror, wondering why on earth I would not want to eat. But if you look on the internet for "fasting", you will find ample material to read on the subject. People have been doing it for thousands of years. The record is apparently 86 days, and I even saw on CNN some guy in Tibet who was sitting under a tree for two years, meditating and surviving on air only.

Anyway, I do not need these extremes, and a few days of water only cannot harm you. But you can adjust the level yourself, and experiment every year, researching it further as I do.

But for the liver stones, when they get really bad, only then do they calcify, harden, and once large enough, only then do they show up on x-ray. So don't expect your doctor to endorse this cleanse, but if you do do it, and capture it in a caldron somehow so that you can look at it, trust me, this is all the evidence you will need.

Apparently what happens is that a piece of dead parasite or something gets lodged in your liver. Or based on the number of "stones" I release every year, plenty of dead pieces of parasites throughout your liver. Now when this piece of parasite is stuck somewhere in your liver, which itself is an important organ filtering and cleaning your body, around this piece of parasite starts to form a layer of cholesterol or something. Layer upon layer keeps adding to this, until you develop these "stones". You are supposed to perform a liver cleanse at least twice a year. I only do it once, but during one year I can fill up a full coffee cup of these cholesterol rocks after a good cleanse. For my last cleanse, one of the rocks I produced was larger than my thumbnail. It was probably lodged in one of my bile ducts exiting from the liver, with all the rocks combined (most were about the size of a pea towards an oat grain) clogging up the efficiency of this very important filtering organ. When you cut one of these rocks in half, it is pure cholesterol, has the consistency of denser cheese, sort of rubbery, olive green on the outside, and dark green on the inside. Horrible little things I'm quite glad to get rid of, and imagine my liver will run so much smoother at cleaning out and filtering my body, and keeping healthy cholesterol levels.

But before this liver cleanse, the instructions also recommend getting your teeth cleaned properly. The human mouth is a bastion of bacteria and a good bite into your flesh can potentially lead to death. Or at least brush your teeth and tongue well, several time a day, during and after the liver cleanse. The bacterial haven in your mouth apparently goes down into your stomach and can be a harmful shock on your freshly cleaned liver.

With the liver cleanse, and the epson salts and grapefruit juice, expect the regular streaming "diarrhoea" (basically just sweet smelling grapefruit juice) and a further healthy cleaning of your intestines. [For the daring few who would like to view a repulsive picture of the product of my liver cleanse, check out my super diarrhea and hemorrhoids page. But this was an extreme situation which I will not repeat again.]

So, if you are doing the extreme like me, this would be day five of your fast. Can't imagine much energy in watermelons and grapefruits.

During my fast, I also like to eat the occasional lemon. Lemon is supposed to be a good cleanser, and offers you a nice snacky break during your day. I just eat the whole thing, imagining that the pulp will only help flush out the intestines. But the acidity of it tends to weaken the teeth and make brushing them more painful.

So now we are on day six of the fast, and you can try one last cleanse which I have not tried yet, but which I'd like to next time. And that is the crazy Russian doctor's bay leaf joint cleansing. I couldn't find information to support it on the internet, but that does not mean it does not work. Might as well try, eh? Can't imagine it hurting you. But apparently you get a whole bag, perhaps looking like a fist, of bay leaves and make some super duper strong tea, sipping on that the entire day. You will apparently feel a bit of pain throughout all your flesh, but apparently it dislodges salt crystals which accumulate in your joints. Which can eventually lead to joint problems when you get older. So I definitely plan to try this one year as well, since I've also had general joint problems throughout my life.

And the next few days I spend slowly coming out of my fast. I might continue to nibble on the lemon, or maybe just start eating whole grapefruits, but when you actually want to get out of the fast, the instructions state that you should start with orange juice. I'm lazy about getting juice squirted all over my hands, so I go right ahead and just eat the whole oranges. It apparently prepares your stomach with necessary acids in preparation of real food. Already I am in heaven eating the oranges. And because my stomach has shrunk so much, I find that about 5 or 8 a day fills me up plenty. I feel satisfied, and that I am already in eating heaven. You are supposed to have squeezed orange juice for two days, but that assumes a lemon juice fast diet of 30 or more days. So if you are doing a shorter water only fast like me, I would assume that one single day of that would be plenty. The next day I then have a leafy salad. Make sure to always use olive oil for dressing, as it is also cleansing, is healthy, unclogs your arteries, and is a good anti-oxidant. I like to mix that with vinegar, mustard and spices, so I make a tasty dressing and absolutely relish the flavours of my first juicy meal. Trust me, the oranges can get really old really quickly, and after a day of that I'm looking forward to a real meal and some real flavours.

After the following day of salad only, then I indulge myself in almost whatever I want, but it would be better to stay away from the heavy steaks. Generally I climb out of my fast slowly, and this time it was a full week before Easter came around. So I still stayed away from the beer, cigarettes, big meat, and waited for the feast until Easter.

The important point I learned is to climb in and out of your fast slowly. There are stories of Holocaust victims saved at the end of war whose stomachs exploded and they died after gorging out on food fed to them following many years of a very meagre diet. I was not very aware of this when I first started fasting, and if you are one of the daring few and would like to know how NOT to fast, or how not to come out of a fast, you can read my ultimate burning ring of fire page.

Of course, during this time, it would be good to combine it with some spiritual cleansing as well. Meditation, not working the last seven days, but if you are not religious like me, I think you will have at least done yourself a lot of good with this healthy body cleanse. Then you can embark on the rest of the year and gorge out like you usually do, satisfied with a more productive liver and lower cholesterol levels. Or just try to eat more leafy greens and keep your body reasonably clean. Or go visit your doctor after a week for a cholesterol check. I haven't done a before and after diagnostic test yet, but I'd be curious to see the results. Maybe you can wait a week after the liver cleanse to give it a chance to work at full efficiency before reading the levels. I've also seen two week liver cleansing programs in the herbal pharmacy, so you might want to launch that after your liver stone flush. Apparently the liver cleans your blood, and will improve your vision with cleaner blood flowing through your eyes, and a more efficient liver will help remove and prevent all sorts of diseases, so take your cleansing opportunity to give your body and the important cleansing liver a good thorough job.

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Re-published from in October 2012

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