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Articles for Translators and Translation Companies
Quality Assurance

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How to structure and streamline the in-country proof
Imagine the following: First, you are tasked to organize people in different countries, operating in different time zones, with different cultures and languages, not reporting to you, to participate in what will be a very laborious task. Second, these people are committed to doing other jobs that take up all their work time…
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The Xerox Translation Quality Assessment Process
Think Latin America, held in Brazil, April 7 – 9, 2010 hosted a variety of Language Service Providers/Buyers to engage in professional and business discussions about the changing global marketplace and the critical role fast, accurate translation and localization plays…
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The Dark Side of Translation Revision
As a result of recent quality assurance standards in the translation industry, many providers of translation services require the systematic revision or editing of translations by a second translator and see this as necessarily beneficial to quality. Yet revision by another person can only assure quality if this person is truly competent and the translation/revision process is properly executed. Furthermore, the improvements to quality that revision may bring are not always worth the extra time, effort and cost…
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Good Proofreaders / Bad Proofreaders
Your translation often needs to be checked to ensure its good quality. A person who checks a translation done by someone else can be called a reviewer, an editor, a proofreader or simply a checker. In this article, by the term 'proofreader' I mean the one who is usually hired by a translation company to check a translation against the source text for accuracy, completeness, linguistic and stylistic appropriateness, grammar, and spelling…
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Translation Quality Assessment: The Examination of a Literary Text by Baker's Taxonomy
This study aims to evaluate the translation of a literary text, namely, Ante-gone which was translated from English into Persian. Firstly, literary Translation and its relevant issues will be explicated. Then, some aspects of translation quality assessment (TQA) will be elaborated…
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Twelve Ways to Enhance Translation Quality
There is no such a thing as perfect translation-and even if there were, we could not be sure it would satisfy the average client or critic. But we have been looking for ways to improve the quality of our translations and we would like to share a few of our findings with you. This is not a How to Become a Perfect Translator in 12 Easy Steps sort of thing, but some of the suggestions may make you think-or perhaps smile, who knows…
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Proofreading a graphic novel
For our readers who don’t deal with publishing, coeditions are a standard means to save on printing costs, especially for full-color books. The book will be sent to the press at the same time for both, say, an English and a German edition. Printing in full-color actually breaks down into printing a page in four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black…
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The translator’s point of view: goodbye quality, hello Quality!
Last year, the sensation at the French box office was not a Hollywood blockbuster, but a small comedy about language differences and the prejudices and bonds they produce. Bienvenue chez les Chtis was a huge success and over half the French population went to see it. This film, relying as it does on language and linguistic jokes, should have been lost in translation. It was not…
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The Seven Steps
As you translate, your brain generates a large number of translation candidates and discards all of them, except for the one you "put on paper" so to say. You can either use the think-before-you-leap method and start writing only when you are sure you have the right solution; or you can opt for the think-as-you-go method and write, amend, edit, correct back and forth; in either case you have to make decisions…
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Translation-quality standards
Like any supplier of goods or services, a translator potentially bears ethical and legal obligations toward his patron or employer. For the protection of both parties, standards have been developed that seek to spell out their mutual duties…
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Language Quality-Assurance (QA) Software: Optimizing Your Documentation for a Global Audience
Language quality-assurance (QA) software is a technology that helps technical communicators ensure the quality and consistency of communications. In recent years, this software has seen a surge in popularity and usage, and for good reason. The cost has come down, making return on investment fairly easy to quantify and achieve within a short time…
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Medical Translation Quality
Serving the medical industry introduces unique considerations to the translation and localization process. One notable difference is the way the quality assurance process is designed for medical industry clients. This article discusses quality considerations of the medical translation market and offers quality assurance process information tailored to the specialized needs of pharmaceutical and medical device clients…
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Translation Quality Management Model for Multilanguage localization in Outsourcing Environment
What does a translation quality management system model look like? Translation Quality Management (TQM) model is a guide to building a translation quality management system in a localization organization. The TQM model consists of 3 components: Standard set, Process Set and Repository…
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The New ASTM Translation Guide
ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world, known for its best-in-class practices for standards development and delivery. And in June 2006, it finally published a translation standard, F 2575-06, entitled “Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation.” This guide has been many years in development, an effort supported by the American Translators Association…
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A Roadmap to Quality Translations, Part 2
In part two, Muzii continues his roadmap, offering more insights on further milestones, and then showing how quality is ultimately a journey, not a destination, and a worthwhile journey at that…
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A Roadmap to Quality Translations, Part 1
In the past few years, a new trend has emerged: standardizing procedures for a contractual relationship between the client and the service provider. The idea is this: following certain pre-established procedures when producing a translation will increase the likelihood of good quality…
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Review of Translation Quality Assurance Software
Translation Quality Assurance software (hereinafter referred to as TQA tools) compares source and target segments of bilingual texts (saved in .doc, .rtf, and .ttx files) in order to detect translation errors. Such errors include: inconsistencies; terms, which have not been translated in accordance with a project glossary; omissions; target segments, which are identical to source segments; punctuation, capitalization and number value/formatting errors; and incorrect untranslatables and tags…
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Four steps to achieving quality in translations and localisation
Liz Robertson, Chair of the UK Mirror Group for the new CEN standard, says, "Professional translation providers need to demonstrate what sets them apart". This new 'best practice' column by Monica Basting of ATC member Wordbank aims to provide practical advice on how translation and localization companies can persuade clients that the value of words is more important than their cost…
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Seven Secrets of good translations
Translation is not only a mechanical work. It requires skills and artistic approach. It’s not enough to know all the rules, there are additional secrets of success, which can make your translation better. These several tips will help to improve the quality of your translation and make the process simpler…
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Good briefings result in good translations
The 'garbage in/garbage out' (GIGO) syndrome, where the quality of the output is in direct correlation to the quality of the input, applies to many life scenarios but is particularly relevant to the localization process…
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Quality Assurance for the Translation Industry: Tips and Tricks
Using a systematic approach in translation can help achieve better results. Abiding by a few key principles will lead to translators with better skills who can produce higher quality translations which leads to higher customer satisfaction and higher rates of return…
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Same questions - different continent
Translating documents into any language requires using the appropriate terminology and a clear and concise writing style. Terminological accuracy and effective prose must blend seamlessly; otherwise, the message will lack quality, efficacy and reliability needed in documents destined to the target market…
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Proofreaders' Marks
Here's a list of proofreaders' marks that are standard across a spectrum of industries. Pass them on and make the proofreading process much easier and quicker for everyone involved…
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My Golden Rules For Quality Assurance In Translation
In the highly competitive global translation market quality may be the main differentiator - a factor that makes the difference between success and failure.
Quality assurance (QA) in translation may be defined as the act of maintaining translation services to ensure conformance to customer requirements or other specifications. QA is implemented by the translation service provider. Don't confuse QA with QC, which is implemented by your customer after the translation is completed and delivered …
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Polishing Your Translation Style - Part 3
Let’s for a moment consider our profession from the perspective of the client. You have a translation project that needs a translator. You pull out all the stops: you hit the search engines; post on translation directories; you even call in a few favours asking for a reputable professional translation service…
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Polishing Your Translation Style - Part 2
Part 2 of the series “Polishing Your Translation Style,” focuses on the machinations of grammar. Sounds like a grand, all encompassing ambition. But rest assured the goal is to simply highlight a few common errors that persist in translation products-nothing but a few tips and techniques to give shine to your style…
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Polishing Your Translation Style - Part 1
Polish your translation style, and win more jobs from your clients! That’s right-“win” more jobs. Clients have a wealth of resources in the Internet, and they can easily find countless translators online for their projects by doing a simple search in Yahoo! or Google. Minor improvements to your translation style will ensure that clients think of you before going to the major search engines…
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