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Articles for Translators and Translation Companies
Press Release (Advertisements)

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McElroy’s In-Country Review Process
It has often been noted that a key characteristic of language translation is its handcrafted nature. While machine translation has its place, depending upon the quality of the desired deliverable, human judgment and terminology preferences are translation issues we consider carefully in our industry
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Why Your Translation Vendor Should Be ISO Certified
To enjoy the best translation services possible, you need a provider with an objective, measurable standard of high quality. ISO certification provides this elite standard, but fewer than 1 percent of all translation companies worldwide have achieved it. McElroy is one of them. This infographic describes our commitment to quality management and details the minimum quality objectives we’ve implemented for the benefit of our clients
Read the full article…

New Language Services Industry Research Details Web Marketing Best Practices
Latest market research report from Common Sense Advisory provides detailed review of 18,900 unique data points from 300 translation and interpreting company websites
Read the full article…

ATRIL signs an agreement with PowerLing to extend its commercial network throughout Europe
Madrid, April 23rd, 2009 - Today PowerLing will begin operating as the exclusive distributor for Déjà Vu in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and will expand in other areas in July…
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Website Globalization Investment Strategies Should Favor Fewer Countries and Languages; Findings Detailed in New Research by Common Sense Advisory
(BOSTON) – October 11, 2007 – Before global businesses dive into website globalization and translation, research firm Common Sense Advisory recommends focusing on the nations or languages that provide the most likely return on investment (ROI). For example, only 10 mega-languages – including Chinese, Portuguese, and French – account for 76 percent of the people on the web…
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New content management system helps Ensim stop seeing double
Implementing a CMS would take time, planning, and resources, but the promise of being able to reuse information in multiple documents from a single source, and the long-term potential for cost savings and customer satisfaction, were quite compelling - says Kate Wilcox, Principal Information Developer for Ensim…
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Utilize translation software to reach a wider audience
The emergence of the internet and new media has closed the gap between countries and people, al­lowing users around the world to exchange opinions and information through digital media. At any given time, consumers can voice their experiences and opin­ions about a previously purchased product or service through rating and review sites, blogs and community boards…
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Avoid getting lost in translation
We have seen important technology advances to facilitate the translation of content. Most notable are the growing use of Unicode to support both single- and double-byte languages and adoption of the Extensible Markup Language (XML), which facilitates the sharing of structured data across different systems. As a result, translating a set of words from one language into one or more others is a fairly predictable experience…
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Translation memory 2.0
I could have sworn I translated that just last week …’ is the all too familiar mantra of any translator, especially an in-house corporate translator, where repeated and similar translations are very common due to corporate standards and job similarities. Thankfully, this mantra is now close to extinct with the advent of powerful desktop translation memory solutions from a number of vendors over the last decade. For any individual translator, it is easy to find material you have already translated…
Read the full article…

Making Reuse Intelligent:
Improving Enterprise Information Quality Management

Reuse has become a buzzword in technical communication and localization. For one thing, businesses want to be sure that they write the same information only once. They also want to avoid translating information repeatedly, because it is expressed using different words or a different word order. But in a distributed writing environment where disparate groups are contributing to huge content repositories, how can you make sure that content is created only once?…
Read the full article…

@Prompt Professional 7.0
Alain Champagne is a musician, a webmaster and the owner of a small company, ACS Production, which specializes in custom-made audio-video systems. His primary occupation is the localization of manuals for different music companies and (sometimes) for individual customers. He translates both to and from English and French…
Read the full article…

]project-open[ V3.2 Released: Many New Modules & Rated #1 Business Management Application by CommonSenseAdvisory
"Our solution allows small and smallest translation organizations to leverage technology that used to be limited to large corporations", says Frank Bergmann, Managing Director of ]project-open[. "Working with ]project-open[ allows automating tasks using embedded workflow technology. Projects are managed more cost-efficiently and the use of our system leads to faster deliveries and therefore to a competitive advantage…
Read the full article…

Gambro BCT takes the GMS cure
How a global medical technology leader transformed its localization process with help from Idiom Technologies and Cross Language…
Read the full article…

Hosted XML Content Management: Is it right for you?
Publishing organizations have long recognized the value of migrating content to XML: content reuse, reduced localization costs, and single-source publishing. However, many organizations have never been able to justify the high cost and long implementation cycles required to install an in-house XML content management system (CMS)
Read the full article…

The TM Debate Heats Up, SDL Fires Back
In the August 2006 edition, CSN Magazine featured a new translation memory technology, and we posed the question “is TM obsolete?” We couldn’t publish an article like that without also speaking with Keith Laska, Vice President of SDL Trados Technologies. We expect innovation from an industry leader like SDL, and at CSN, we weren’t disappointed
Read the full article…

Reaching Your Audience in a Global Economy
In today’s competitive business landscape, most companies simply cannot afford to ignore global markets. International sales contribute substantial earning opportunities both on- and offline. However, entering a foreign market can be challenging: unfamiliar advertising cultures, different laws and regulations, and a foreign language present potential obstacles. How can you be sure you are selecting a translation team that has the experience and the training to properly convey your message in the target language…and, for that matter, culture?
Read the full article…

The Wild Wild Web: How Web 2.0 Changes the Way We Work
McElroy has modified its translation/review/client review process considerably as the type of material being translated continues to evolve from traditional documentation that is routed through a linear channel, to ongoing updates of data that require instant communication between many parties to achieve translation of content
Read the full article…

Babylon, a Software Liberating Language Learners Worldwide
The modern global village is forcing the world’s scattered people with all their different languages into regular contact with each other. Now the very technological revolution that is responsible for this intensity of international exchange is also providing the solutions to communicating across language barriers
Read the full article…

Inttranews Special Report: Inttranet included on the UNESCO Observatory for the Information Society
UNESCO recognizes that the Information Society offers great potential in promoting sustainable development, democracy, transparency, accountability and good governance, but only if individuals and organisations have access to information, knowledge and ideas. This is because information is the basis for transparent decision-making and a prerequisite for any democracy; while knowledge is the key agent for transforming both our global society and local communities
Read the full article…

Fortune 500 - Multilingual websites
New research carried out by translation company thebigword shows that multilingual websites are becoming a vital addition to business communications. thebigword analysed the websites of every company in the Fortune 500, the ranking of America´s largest corporations carried out annually by Fortune Magazine
Read the full article…

]project-open[ releases version 3.1 of its open-source based ]project-translation[ software
]project-open[, a provider of open-source based project management software announces the release of Version 3.1 of ]project-translation[. The new version integrates more then 100 enhancements from several large customer rollout projects
Read the full article…

Press Release from the Language Technology Centre
The LTC Organiser is a unique and innovative instrument in the language industry. The program offers the ideal support for all types of multilingual projects. The LTC Organiser is suitable for large organisations and companies, as well as small and medium-sized companies and freelance service providers, and is used all over the world
Read the full article…

The official language of the United States and its impact on translations
Do you know what the official language of the United States is? If you answered English, guess again. But don't feel bad, the vast majority of people would answer that English is the official language of the United States of America
Read the full article…

Website translation as a way to promote your business abroad
Today every self-respecting company understands the advantages and power of the internet and runs one or several web sites advertising its products or services online. We all want to be recognised worldwide and invest a lion's share of our budget in offline international marketing
Read the full article…

Getting The Client Localization Brief Right
How to avoid the GIGO syndrome, achieve deadlines and keep costs down.
The ‘garbage in/garbage out’ (GIGO) syndrome, where the quality of the output is in direct correlation to the quality of the input information, applies to many life scenarios but is particularly relevant to the localization process
Read the full article…

Common Mistakes When Planning Website / Application Globalisation
When creating websites or applications which are designed to be multi-lingual, software developers who are new to globalisation tend to make the same mistakes. Presented here are some of the more common mistakes we see on a regular basis…
Read the full article…

Developing the Relationship between Translators and Localization Companies
Localization companies are the intermediaries between translators and global clients. To be successful, we have to understand our clients’ commercial objectives for low cost, fast turnaround and linguistic quality and be able to realise them through rigorous processes and quality assurance (QA) practices that add value and support our translators whose skills are the foundation of effective communication…
Read the full article…

Bad Translation Can Seriously Damage Your Health
Inaccurate translation for such companies can be costly, both in the cost of correcting poor work, but more seriously the potential cost to the health of the patient or end user of the product…
Read the full article…

documens est de retour!
documens, entreprise de traduction située à Montréal, annonce aujourd'hui qu'elle repart officiellement en affaires à titre de société indépendante après avoir fait partie brièvement d'une société cotée en bourse et spécialisée dans les nouvelles technologies. documens revient à sa vocation première en tant qu'entreprise indépendante et, fidèle à sa philosophie, elle continuera à tout mettre en _uvre afin de fournir des services de traduction de première qualité aux entreprises à l'échelle mondiale…
Read the full article…

documens is back!
Montreal-based translation firm documens announced today that it has officially been relaunched as an independent firm after a brief stint as part of a publicly-traded technology company. Returning to its roots as an independently-owned and -operated firm, the company will continue to focus on providing translation services to businesses and organizations around the world…
Read the full article…

New Workshops for Translation and Localization Companies Offered from Common Sense Advisory
Research firm holds Sales Management Workshop and CustomerCentric Selling for LSPs Workshop on September 5-9 in Paris, France…
Read the full article…

RLN London “Supporting Internationalisation”
This very interesting afternoon was arranged in the impressive environment of the Foreign Press Association, off Pall Mall, on 16th March 2005.
Jane Collis, RLN London and South East Manager, welcomed approximately 50 participants and gave an update on the recent activities of the Regional Language Network London…
Read the full article…

Is translation memory obsolete?
CSN recently learned of a new product from Lingotek. We wondered if this technology would make translation memory, as we know it, obsolete. To learn more about the product and the technology behind it, we interviewed the CEO of Lingotek, Tim Hunt…
Read the full article…

A Multilingual Website Is
It has been at least a decade since most corporations, associations, universities, and other organizations launched their first websites. During that time, the business strategies and technologies around using the Web to market to customers, to communicate information, and to build online communities have come a long way…
Read the full article…

A new idea for industry feedback
SDL, the leading provider of Global Information Management (GIM) solutions, recently announced the launch of – an online customer suggestions portal for the SDL TRADOS technology community…
Read the full article…

The Ambient eLearning EU Project
The Language Technology Centre and Computer Publication Group Ltd in collaboration with Software Information Designs Ltd have commenced a project that is aimed at providing a pragmatic, easy-to-use multilingual eLearning service, which allows any time, anywhere and anyhow access to personalised, high quality learning content…
Click here to view English version...
Cliquez ici pour voir ce version en Français...
Hier klicken für die Deutsche version...

Translation international acquires McNeil Multilingual
Unlike the typical merger of a Goliath acquiring a David to improve the bottom line, Translations International is an example of a strategic decision to build value for our clients, our employees, and our company…
Read the full article...

Assisted writing and editing at SAS
In last month’s CSN, Uwe Muegge speculated about why we don’t hear about more companies using controlled languages. According to Muegge, "anyone new to the field may have a hard time fi nding reliable, vendor-independent information on what [controlled-language] solutions are available and what the costs and benefi ts of deploying those solutions are."…
Read the full article...

Spanish Speaking Market Explodes
In recent weeks, there have been heated debates in the media and in Congress over the bill passed by the U.S. Senate to make English the official language in the United States. A driving force behind this movement is the growth of the Spanish language in the U.S.…
Read the full article...

GILT Industry Technology Roadmap
On the heals of several major announcements from SDL surrounding the acquisition of Tridion (a leading WCMS) as well as Passolo (one of the market leaders in visual software localization tools), along with recent success stories surrounding the use of their machine translation solution, SDL Knowledge-based Translation System (SDL KbTS)—it is obvious that SDL is leading the way in connecting the entire global supply chain through technology and integration…
Read the full article...

Systran MT/TM integration
With the longest history of any MT developer in the world, SYSTRAN, founded in 1968, has an R&D investment measured in thousands of person years. From the beginning, SYSTRAN’s development has been deeply rooted in linguistics and the system still remains in constant evolution. The translation engines, linguistic resources and user-interactive customization tools are in step with the latest computing standards…
Read the full article...

A good reason for a new technology solution
I know what you’re thinking: “Why, for heaven’s sake, did they start yet another localization technology company? What on earth are they thinking? What can they offer me that the other localization tools don’t already?”…
Read the full article...

Ycomm Europe receives award from Ricoh ELC
Ycomm Europe, a multilingual documentation services provider based in Ghent, Belgium, received the prestigious Best Localization Partner 2004 award from Ricoh's European Language Centre (ELC) in Amsterdam…
Read the full article…

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