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Phrase 144: To whom it may concern

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To whom it may concern
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À l'intéressé

Comment: It means: 'to the insterested/concerned person'. For instance, 'This registered letter must be given to whom it may concern only/must be handed directly to...: Cette lettre recommandée ne doit être remise qu'à l'intéressé.' Another expression could be 'en main propre' if it's a question of handing something directly to the concerned person. If it's abstract (say something to/warn the person ...) then 'l'intéressé' is the proper iranslation.

À qui de droit

Comment: I hope it would be helpful

Cher Mr, chère Mme,

Comment: There’s no systematic transliteration, we usually write the denomination above unless you know the specific department or person then you can use: À l’attention de... Hope that helps.

A l'attention de

Comment: The translation above works at he beginning of a letter, etc. If used in a sentence I would say 'à la personne concernée' Hope that helps!

A la personne concernée,

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