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Job 42900: Hiring freelance translators for English to Telugu, Tamil, Hindi work (Sociology domain)

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Hiring freelance translators for English to Telugu, Tamil, Hindi work (Sociology domain): Job 00042900

Source language(s): English
Target language(s): Telugu, Tamil, Hindi

Details of the project: Currently we have a requirement for translators and proofreaders from English to Telugu for Sociology / Ancient India / Publication / Quantitative domain!!

We are looking for traits mentioned below for Sociology / Ancient India / Quantitative domain:

1. Applicants should have experience in translating for publications domain or books of Sociology and Ancient India. Should be MA or M phil graduate
2. Applicants should have immense knowledge in the field of Elearning books, for competative books. Should have handled lots translation / proofreading for competative books.
3. Teachers who are capable of doing error free translations / proofreading

Clause as mentioned below:

• Full time translator / proofreader:
It would be a contract for 4-6 months (extendable), however we will pay you a monthly salary ranging 2.5 to 3 LPA which comes around 20 K- 25 K per month.
• Freelance translator / proofreader:
The rate we can offer is 200 INR per page of translation and 50 INR per page for proofreading, per page the word count will be 600-650.

Let me know if you can help us with this project, if yes, share us your CV highlighting experience in translation/proof reading for sociology domain.

Attached is the sample which you can work on and share it back to us for evaluation, work for about 200- 250 words in each sample.

You can reach out me if you have any queries.

Bhowya Gopal

This job is already available.

Sample text (50 to 200 words): Man is a social animal and he always lives in society. Like him some other creatures such as
ants, termites, birds, monkeys, apes, etc., also live in societies. Human society, in comparison with
other societies, is unique in several respects. Still some of the characteristics are common to all kinds
of societies whether they are animal or human.

The Basic Features

(i) As Kingsley Davis has pointed out, any society involves a certain level of association. But
this association is more intricate than a mere aggregation and less complex than an organism. (ii) Further, the units that the societies bring together at the level of association are not cells or organs,
but individuals. The terms ‘aggregation’ and ‘organism’ are to be understood to know the real nature
of societies.

(i) An aggregation refers to collection of individuals who are subjected to the same external
conditions. For example, a flood may bring together accidentally a collection of animals or insects. In
the same manner temperature, moisture or light may draw together to a common place some creatures
which are responsive to such stimuli. Similarly, animals often come to common water hole or tank to
quench their thirst. In these instances, they are not actually drawn towards one another to have some
relationship. Such collections or aggregations have no resemblance to society as such. Sometimes,
the animals and insects in the aggregate may help one another to satisfy their appetite, to quench their
thirst or to protect themselves from external danger. A pack of wolves may be able to kill the game
that could not otherwise be killed. A group of ants may kill and carry an earthworm. Thus, when the
individual organisms are welded together into a network of mutual stimulus and response the basis of
an association is laid down. In the absence of mutual responsiveness the ‘aggregation’ may disappear
as Soon as the external stimulus disappears. Thus, when the flood is over, the animals which have
come to common spot because of that may disappear. The aggregation cannot perpetuate itself nor
can it have an internal unity of its own.

We want to pay for this job 0.01 EUR per word

Who can apply: Freelancers and agencies

Deadline for applying: 07/21/2018

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Bhowya Gopal
IP: (N/A)
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Posted on Monday, 16 Jul 2018, 16:20:17

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