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Forum for Translators: lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD

lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD               [Reply to this message]
Sender: vanitha 06-09-2017 09:02

Lexicon located at delhi subsources work from Valuepoint. The WC is few lakhs in indian languages. When it comes to payment Raj actual name is Raghav Kalra doesnt pick the phone for nine long months starting January 2017. They send a mail saying the end client of valuepoing has quality issues and hence they will be sending LQA and 50% penalty. After evading for nearly 9 months last week, Raghav kalra forwards a few corrected files belonging to four translators. My work is accurate and the reviewer has made some namesake changes to save his own job which reviewers are notorious for. Based on this they have imposed a global penalty for the entire lot.And the end client does not like to hold a teleconference with translators for clarification. First is the end client of valuepoint is fictitious. Valuepoint is a fraud company notorious for making 50% deductions and so is Lexicon. This i could see from the translators forums. Secondly if at all quality is a genuine issue, lexicon happened to do 50 k words in two days for tamil langauge with 3-4 transators and hence the quality was doomed. I chose very reasonable volumes for two days and my work is accurate. When i threatened a legal action, raj sends the below mail:

You really don't give a damn about anyone, don't you? All you care about the money.

None of us has enough time to write you unnecessary emails nor hear your bullshit over the call because you don't listen nor try to understand. It's not the first time you have worked for us. Earlier, we didn't face any quality issues, hence we paid your invoices without any problem. You might not be aware that you have worked for us on 27 assignments and all are paid.

In this one, we have faced major quality concern and just because of this we have lost the client. We are working with them from last 2 yrs and did a business of more than 60 lakhs, but never faced such payment issues. Everything is ruined because of people like you who talk much but don't deliver.

We are as fair as possible. Given you, client name/number, forwarded all the client emails. We cannot be more transparent.

All the clarification is given. Penalty percentage is final. The payout is prepared. As soon we get the funds from the client, you'll have it too, end of story!

I want to make one thing very clear. DO NOT pass personal comments. We told you such things because we expect you to understand, but if you think all are excuses, it's fine. I do not expect such maturity from you and can clearly see YOUR niggardly mindset. You are crossing the limit.

Kind Regards!

Project Manager

Both lexicon and valuepoint are notorious for their 50% penalty games and even as such the translators are working for pittances and with this so called penalty they are even more sunk. These persons have a narcissistic immunity in their thinking that they are above the law.
Re: lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD               [Reply to this message]
Sender: vanitha 06-09-2017 11:16

Here goes another example of 40% deduction by lexicon and valuepoint

It is the same psychology under operation albeit with different translators. They have the confidence that since translators are remote, they are out of reach of the law.
Re[2]: lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD               [Reply to this message]
Sender: vanitha 08-09-2017 09:26

My feeler about lexicon translation and Value point is that they both are in cahoots about robbing translators. Both have a history of the same which can be found in various forums.

First is that when there is a quality issue, the work can be sent back to the translator to get it redone for free.

Second a 50k project for review takes hardly 5 days and not nine months.

Though lexicon has forwarded the client communication, there is no proof it is from the end client of value point if at all there is one.

Next, the tone of lexicon stating the penalty is final and binding as if there is no room for negotiations is such as if he has been unaffected by the penalty and that the penalty has come out of his decision in which valuepoint knowledge is a party to this criminal activity.

Raj the CEO and PM of Lexicon was playing dead for nine long months with various domestic excuses.

I am not talking for other transaltors, but i am one of the very esteemed ones in the Proz with an excellent ranking. I take only that volume that i can handle so as to delver quality.

Penalty should be imposed for specific jobs and not globally and penalising even the accurate ones.

The reviewer has done some patch work on my file, and reviewers are known to do so just to save their own jobs else they wont get paid.

Kindly help me recuperate the entire amount for the hard work i have put it.
Re[2]: lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD               [Reply to this message]
Sender: vanitha 11-09-2017 09:27

here is another victim.

just google review lexicon services. The same 50% penalty game is being played.
Re[3]: lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD               [Reply to this message]
Sender: vanitha 12-09-2017 01:33

Re[4]: lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD               [Reply to this message]
Sender: vanitha 12-09-2017 10:16

here is the latest hitch. The PM of value point calls me and tries to clarify the issue. They claim that they have never worked with me before and lacking a direct interaction why should i post their name. Valid point.

But the PM of lexicon has forwarded the NDA he has had with valuepoint and has quoted valuepoint for everything and told the translators to interact with valuepoint. He wants to prove that he is a transparent guy.

On one hand valuepoint wants to thrash lexicon and on the other hand valuepoint claims lexicon is a partner. They are ambivalent and expecting me to provide a solution to this confidentiality problem.

My issue is simple, nonpayment. The action of lexicon by disclosing the end client's name and by not paying translators for almost 10 months clearly puts both lexicon and valuepoint in a compromising position.

Though i am not talking for other translators the cheap rates at which lexicon operates and the extremely ridiculous deadlines ensures a quality debacle. Of course i have not compromised on the quality.
Re[5]: lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD               [Reply to this message]
Sender: vanitha 22-09-2017 03:36

there is still total silence two weeks after i got the intimidating call from value point knowledge where they were feigning innocence that they are not aware of the projects done with lexicon. On the other hand i gave the PM Anusha a piece of my mind and asked her to contact Raj of lexicon for this commotion and not me. He is the one to provide a solution. They have been merely passing the parcel and trying to escape. whatever legal action i take will involve both of them.

when i sent them the history of the mail where raj has disclosed all the communication he has had with value point, they had their mouths shut. I hope they both shut shops soon but ofcourse after i have taken my payment.
latest from lexicon               [Reply to this message]
Sender: vanitha 11-10-2017 05:31

here is the latest from these fraudsters.
I spoke to them and they surprisingly picked the call.
Since the Translation directory was fair and kind enough to delete them from the site, LEXICON is furious.
Beyond the make believe penalty they have imposed they told me that they are ready to credit the pittance in case i comply with the below.
1. I need to accept all the mistakes given by the client
2. I need to accept the pittance that is being paid
3. I need to accept that they Lexicon Services is not responsible and that they are ethical.
4. I need to write to TC and translator's cafe and tell them i am mistaken and to remove my comments.
5. Their defense is that none of the other 50 translators have taken the step they do, I couldnt care less,, perphaps they are so meek to accept whatever payment lexicon doles out or perhaps they are genuinely at fault.

I told them to retain the payments..... and that i value my integrity rather than the 100 dollars they are willing to pay me if i do the above. They are clearly armtwisting and blackmailing me.

I told them that i will make sure they dont exist anywhere on any of the translation websites.

Over and above they are afraid that i might be recording their calls. When someone is so afraid it points clearly to their criminality.
proz .com and banning Lexicon               [Reply to this message]
Sender: vanitha 26-10-2017 02:56

hi can someone tell me the email address of Proz or TC that i can forward these mails to ban lexicon. The guy Raghav kalra is not to be found in the above mentioned address as per my contacts in New Delhi.

They have been contacted by other agencies too who have supported my cause and told to pay up but they are shameless and not doing so.

Most of the other translators are yet to initiate an action as they feel they wont even get the pittance that has been promised.

I tried writing four times in the PROZ but each time these guys delete comments. It seems the paid members like lexicon needs to be pampered and sweet comments written about them. Indirectly proz is encouraging such cheats.
Re: lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Robert Wang (EN-CN Translation) 28-03-2018 11:26

Never worked for this company, but I did have some similar bitter experience with a number of other non-paying clients, mainly from India. Hope you good luck to retreive the money that you well deserve.
Re[2]: lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD               [Reply to this message]
Sender: rgopi 28-03-2018 14:22

Thanks robert
I am yet to recieve the payment and so are dozen other translators who have worked on this project. They tried posting on the and i immediately wrote to the proz, and they were banned. But the crooks in lexicon services ended up confusing by claiming quality errors, and now the whole process is under scrutiny despite the glaring evidence of not having paid a penny.
Re[3]: lexicon translation DELHI AND VALUE POINT KNOWLEDGE WORKS FRAUD               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Borut 21-05-2020 17:06

Hi all,

I got a translation project on Corporate from Valuepoint Knowledgeworks, Bangalore. I have read all your comments and I stopped translating untill further clarification.

Please, anyone who can answer me, have you received all outsending payments eventually or not? Are you still trying to get payments from them? How are they cooperating on payment issues?


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