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Forum for Translators: C.V. farming by rogue agencies.

C.V. farming by rogue agencies.               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Stevan Alcock - SATIS Ltd 12-05-2013 14:46

Hi all,

We are a translation agency with 20 years in the business. Over the last year to 18 months we have been inundated with rogue C.V. applications. What happens is this.

The rogue agency farms the C.V.'s off sites such as this one or ProZ. They then remove the contact details from the C.V. and replace them with a falsely created email address - usually a gmail address.

We then get an email application purporting to come from the freelancer him/herself seeking work. However, on a couple of occasions the applications have come from translators we know already and who have worked for us for many years. These translators knew nothing about this and were outraged that another agency was using their name and reputation.

We therefore responded to one such application as if we had a job to place. Our real translator was based in the U.K. The reply came back from someone pretending to be our translator, saying that she would be happy to take the job as is ready to start. A low rate was quoted in euro and dollars. No contact information was provided other than the false email. I queried why the quote in euros if you are U.K. based. Various exchanges of emails followed in which we tried without success to flush out the real person / agency doing this.

The actual translator is outraged that someone is pretending to be her and using her C.V. to get work.

We suspect- only suspect however - that this comes from an agency based in Palestine. They agency website has no contact details and the same agency is appears on this site in non-payment complaints.
We're getting about 10 such applications a week. They're easy to spot however, but it's very annoying as each one has a specially created gmail address, so can't just block one address and have done with it.
Anyone able to help find out who this is and end this once and for all?

Stevan Alcock
SATIS Translations
Re: C.V. farming by rogue agencies (Languagemet)               [Reply to this message]
Sender: WTF 12-05-2013 19:26

I see those crooks from Languagemet are at it again. They have been using my CV as well, and I would not be surprised if they are using your CV too, dear reader.
Stolen identity               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Gema Pedreda 15-05-2013 12:27

I would like to tell you that someone has stolen my ID. He usually signs as Zakaria and says he works as a PM for LanguageMet. He has created a couple of email addresses with my name ( and and is sending job offers and CVs to others.

If you receive something from the previous addresses, IT IS NOT ME.

I have been warned by another translator who also received these fake mails. I have already reported the issue to the real LanguageMet, to, TranslationDirectory, Gmail and Yahoo, but since I haven’t got any answer from Gmail and Yahoo yet and I don’t know if they have banned the fake emails or not, I think I’m going to report it to the police.

Thank you very much for your understanding, I hope I get this fixed as soon as possible.
Re: Stolen identity (languagemet)               [Reply to this message]
Sender: WTF 15-05-2013 16:43

The REAL Languagemet are the rogues who have been stealing people's identities. Check this site out:
Re[2]: Stolen identity (languagemet)               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Gema Pedreda 15-05-2013 16:53

Oh my God! I didn't know this page... it seems there are more people acting in my name! The fact is that I actually translated a couple of times for Languagemet and they paid me for my work and the amount I had requested, that's why I thought there was a "real" agency. Now I won't trust them anymore. Thank you very much for this valuable piece of information!

Re[3]: Stolen identity (languagemet)               [Reply to this message]
Sender: WFT 16-05-2013 17:38

If you complain to them about using your details, they might charge you USD 500 to delete all the free emails they have created in your name.
KHALED TRANS - SCAMMER FROM GAZA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: C 27-03-2014 23:17

Khaled Trans is a scammer and a thief. He will steal your CV identity, your work and money.


Re: KHALED TRANS - SCAMMER FROM GAZA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: ISABEL SANLLEHI PALET 31-03-2014 10:13

Dear Colleagues,
I want to make public that my identity and c.v. has been stolen by Khaled from Safety Translations.
I had to let you know in order you are aware.
At the same time, I hope that the Board of TranslationDirectory will take action against this fraud, in order to stop it stealing our job details and money (if anyone gives any account, hope we have not done so)
Re[2]: KHALED TRANS, OMAR ISSA AND LANGUAGEMET ETC - SCAMMER FROM GAZA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: WTF 03-04-2014 09:11

KHALED TRANS is no other than the scammer, CV identity thief and non-payer Omar Issa from Amazing Trans (associated with Languagemet & Gentle Translation and was recently called Safety TransLation until it was exposed and closed down).

A ripped off colleague recently asked Safety Translation for payment and got the following reply in Arabic:

Omar Issa
‫راح اشترى فى فلوسك بزر واقزقز واتف القشر على كس امك‬

Languagemet scammers have started up another scam agency called Big Trans Work. A scammer using the fake name of Daniel Brandt is currently emailing translators listed on Translation Directory:

Dear Translator,

I hope you are doing well.

This is Daniel a project manager from

Request you to share following details for English < > German language translation:

Per word rate in (USD)
Domain / Subject Expertise:
Per day Average Output ( In Words ):
Payment method
Skype ID
Services you provide
CAT tools you use

Could you let me know if you are working at weekends, please?

If you send me a copy of your CV, it would be much appreciated.

Note: Rates should negotiable as we have regular projects with high volume.

I am waiting your reply ASAP.


Beware of the scammers from Gaza: Languagemet, Gentle Translation, Expert of Linguists, Safety Trans, Powerful Trans, Purity Trans etc. Don't accept work fOR outsourcers who refuse to verify their identities! Please note that these scammers from Gaza use fake names, fake addresses and even use proxy servers.

Gentle Translation might refer to their excellent rating at, but what they don't tell you is that they steal your CV identity!!!

See Translation Scammer Directory for further info:
Re[3]: KHALED TRANS, OMAR ISSA AND LANGUAGEMET ETC - SCAMMER FROM GAZA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Thomas 30-04-2014 23:02

This scammer also uses the name "Kazem Sagar" and the email
Scammer & identity thief Daniel Brandt AKA Languagemet               [Reply to this message]
Sender: WTF 23-09-2014 23:21

Scammer, CV identity thief and nonpayer Daniel Brandt is currently posting the following job to translators registered at this website. Do not accept this offer! You will not get paid.

German to US English 29,000-word automotive translation job

Dear translator,

Please find the SDL Trados Studio files including Trados TM attached. Deadline for file 21 is Sunday 20:00hrs GMT, 28th September, 2014. You will need SDL Trados Studio 2009 or 2011 or 2014 to do this file.

Here is the download link to download the file for translation from:

In case of any questions, feel free to let me know.

Delivery format: Trados format: sdlxliff

Please read carefully below message and kindly take action with the package 21 you’re translating since this should help you to maximize your productivity.

Thanks a lot and kindly confirm to me that you will do as requested since it is very important.

I have created a machine-translated TM from all the new segments in the large VW-Audi project. The file is attached. You should attach it to each project and set the penalty for it to 25%. You should also untick the Concordance checkbox because you don't want an MT TM suggesting words which may not always be correct.

In theory this means that you will not encounter new segments anymore but will get 75% matches from this TM. This should speed things up for you.

At the end of the project, I would like to analyse how effective this TM was so can you please make the final packages available to me and we will run a reverse analysis? Please make sure you use this TM.

Pay is 0.03 USD/s.w.(600 USD flat fee for the whole job - this is Trados wordcount and no match words and fuzzies, repititionsand 100% are not paid equally - therefore I have given you a flat rate for the whole job which is in your favour)), 31 days after delivery of translated package with your invoice via bank wire/swift transfer or via PayPal or via MoneyBookers. I will send you the PO for this package 21 later today after confirmation you will do it. I'd like to work with you on a long-term based mutually beneficial business relationship. I will have more large jobs for you to do by the end of this year if this first pilot job is ok. Thanks for your help.

Thanks & Regards,
Re: C.V. farming by rogue agencies.               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Lisa Siegel (Allegedly, 11-08-2020 22:09

I just got one of these messages. Because I suspect they are probably going to start with this all over again, I figured I'd report it so no one falls in this Identity Theft Scam.

"Dear Translator,
I am Emma Smith from Bigtrans company. I am a project manager and a mediator between the translators and the clients. The client will give me a project either it’s a translation, proofreading, editing or other services. So, the idea is to take your permission and authorization to change small details of your CV such as email and contact details if you agree. And I need you to be assured that you will take your right completely and on time. You only need to read our contract, sign it and send it with your CV and cover letter. We only change contact details in order to send the CV to clients to get jobs and you have the full and complete priority to work on those projects. In case you are not available we can send the jobs to other translators.
The purpose of this authorization and permission is to have cooperation with you to get projects by sending your CV to clients.
Don’t hesitate to agree to our work because you are dealing with a trustworthy company that will give you a good job with a good price.
Please do feel free to get in touch for more help.
Kind regards,
Emma Smith
Project manager/ BigTrans Team

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