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Articles for Translators and Translation Companies
How to Buy Translation Services

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Going Global? Investing in Translation is Not an Option
No country is an “island” anymore. And the same can be said for most businesses as well. Evenif a U.S.-based business limitsits customer base to within its own borders, there are now significant segments of a population that are…
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11 Tips to Save on Translation/Localization Costs
One very common argument I hear from direct clients considering multilingual translation of their content is that the costs are too high. While the translation of a company's products in several languages represents an investment…
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Certified Translation. Getting your Documents Certified the Right Way
What is a certified translation? There is no simple answer, because the requirements vary depending on the use case. What may be considered a certified translation in a certain situation may be unsuitable in another…
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Online Translation Services: a Guide to Buying Translations on the Internet
I think it was Amazon that started the online commerce revolution. Or was it eBay? The fact is debatable, but there is one fact that cannot be disputed…
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Translation Failures: What’s The Worst That Can Happen?
I recently had coffee with my friend Catherine, who works as a regulatory affairs officer for a large industrial manufacturing company, ensuring that products are manufactured and distributed in compliance with the appropriate legislation set by regulating authorities. When she took over her position, she found that mitigating risk…
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Funny but Costly Localization Mistakes
You want to increase your market share, profits, and presence, so you decide to expand into a new market. Your team spends an incredible amount of time and money determining which market to enter. Your brand is molded to fit into your prospective market while maintaining its integrity, and the research backs that it is relevant, appropriate, and remarkable…
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How to structure and streamline the in-country proof
Imagine the following: First, you are tasked to organize people in different countries, operating in different time zones, with different cultures and languages, not reporting to you, to participate in what will be a very laborious task. Second, these people are committed to doing other jobs that take up all their work time…
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How to Localize Your Software Products in Order to Go Global
Localizing software is a great way to rapidly expand your business and grow profits. A 2007 paper by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) reported that $25 dollars was returned for every $1 invested in localization
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McElroy’s In-Country Review Process
It has often been noted that a key characteristic of language translation is its handcrafted nature. While machine translation has its place, depending upon the quality of the desired deliverable, human judgment and terminology preferences are translation issues we consider carefully in our industry
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Why Your Translation Vendor Should Be ISO Certified
To enjoy the best translation services possible, you need a provider with an objective, measurable standard of high quality. ISO certification provides this elite standard, but fewer than 1 percent of all translation companies worldwide have achieved it. McElroy is one of them. This infographic describes our commitment to quality management and details the minimum quality objectives we’ve implemented for the benefit of our clients
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About the Word Counts
Have you ever received quotes for a project from multiple language vendors, only to discover that the word counts were different? Or perhaps you handle your own word counts, yet they never seem to match up with what is charged on the final document…
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What Translation Quality Do You Need?
Have you ever received a translated document and been disappointed with its quality? Have you ever wondered what you would get if you chose machine translation? Or what the difference would be using a professional translation agency rather than your bilingual coworker? And how can idioms and colloquialisms be best handled for international business to consumer communications?…
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File optimization - Prepare yourself for better results
When you design a document for print, you consider many details that work together to form the overall look of the end product. One thing you probably don't look at is the hidden text: all the spaces, line breaks, and paragraph marks that live behind the scenes…
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Cost and Time Implications for Varied Formatting Services
Have you ever had a PDF document translated and formatted page for page? Have you ever been asked if you prefer your graphics keyed or recreated? Ever wonder what that cost difference is? And exactly how much time really goes into formatting translated text back into an InDesign file? How does a company charge for keying vs recreating vs desktop publishing (DTP)?…
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Differentiating Translation Quality
Have you ever received a translated document and been disappointed with its quality? Have you ever wondered what you would get if you chose machine translation? Or what the difference would be using a professional translation agency rather than your bilingual coworker? And how can idioms and colloquialisms be best handled for international business to consumer communications?…
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How to Globalize E-Learning
Multimedia E-Learning content is more than just modules of curriculum in your company’s learning database; these are company assets that help build cohesion and culture within your enterprise. Over the last decade, technological developments from Learning Content Management Systems to social networks and web 2.0 communities have drastically reduced the cost…
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10 irresistible potholes writers find on the road to globalization, part 2
In the first installment of this article, we described potholes that writers can avoid to make translation faster and less error-prone. These were things like leaving enough time for translation, mismatches between tools and file formats, screenshots, page layout, and “interesting” writing styles…
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10 irresistible potholes writers find on the road to globalization, part 1
Optimizing the translation process has two basic components: improving the writers’ source texts and improving the translators’ process. For the moment, we’ll focus on the writer’s job…
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Add a Review of Your Translation by an In-Country Affiliate in Your Project Schedule
This type of process is referred to as an in-country review or client review and plays an important role in ensuring quality, consistency, and compliance for your project. The final translated or localized materials are sent to client-assigned reviewers in the target country to review linguistic and formatting issues. The following formats present their own special requirements…
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Buying Translation Services: How to Always Stay Within Budget
Some meetings with your manager should happen only in nightmares: red-faced and heart pounding, you shuffle pages of spreadsheets that stick to your sweaty palms. “Sorry... it’s going to be a little more expensive than I thought...”…
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EN 15038 Can Help You Assess Translation Service Providers
Many clients struggle to find a good way to rate the many translation agencies that come knocking on their door. It can also be a challenge to assess current providers. Companies have longed for an objective means by which to carry out their assessments. Some help has arrived in the form of European Standard EN 15038:2006, "Translation Services - Service Requirements."…
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10 Ways to Reduce Localization and Translation Costs Without Sacrificing Quality
Some say that the best way to reduce localization costs is by avoiding localization altogether. Yet companies with a global vision have realized that to compete in a global economy, both they and their products have to speak their clients’ language…
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In-Country Review
In-country (or client) review is one of the most crucial, yet challenging, steps in the translation process. In-country review is the process by which the translated material is sent to an individual in the target country to review linguistic and formatting issues associated with a given translation project…
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Translation Project Case Study: Interpro Translation Solutions & Zebra Technologies Corporation
Zebra Technologies Corporation is a global leader in helping companies to identify, locate and track assets, transactions and people with on-demand specialty digital printing and automatic identification solutions in more than 100 countries around the world…
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Outlining a Translation Requirements Specification
The success of a translation project depends on its preparation, and this includes the identification of service needs, and then a requirements specification. A specification is defined by ASTM as an explicit set of requirements to be satisfied by a material, product, or service…
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Developing a Localization Kit
A localization kit is comprised of the files to be localized and accompanying documentation that enables McElroy to initially prepare a complete proposal, quote, and schedule for your project and ultimately enables us to perform the actual localization once the project has been awarded. The accompanying documentation augments the file set to be localized and provides us with details regarding your requirements and expectations…
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Why Desktop Publishing Matters To You
Desktop publishing impacts all written content produced in print and online. In its simplest form, DTP (desktop publishing) comes into play every day when choosing typography, colors, margins, line spacing, backgrounds, tables, images, etc., in document, email and even online formats…
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Preparing Projects for Localized Desktop Publishing
If you search the Web for guidelines for preparing projects for localization, you will find that most of the results focus on issues related to language content. For technical documentation and marketing materials, preparation and guidelines for the document publishing portion of your multilingual projects are equally important…
Read the full article…

One project/many languages:
A step-by-step guide to a stress free job

Your company has just developed a new idea for a new product. The product has passed the research phase, which required a considerable investment of time, people and money. Your company has calculated the developmental cost and developed a promotion plan. You, the product manager, know that all of your carefully crafted marketing copy, originally written in English, will require translation into all of the languages spoken in your company’s international target markets…
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Just how literal do you want that translation?
From time to time translation agencies receive requests for a “literal” translation. This seemingly inoffensive adjective is much like the term “obscene.” No one is quite sure how to define it, but we all know it when we see it. When a literal translation is explicitly specified, an agency specializing in intellectual property translation reacts somewhat like a minister…
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A New Look at an Old Question by an Ancient Project Manager
Senior Project Manager Tina Wuelfing isn’t really ancient. But she is experienced and this article published in industry e-magazine ClientSide News shares valuable insights. The article outlines the unique offerings of a translation company vendor, and steps clients can take to ensure a successful partnership…
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Does Sending Source Files Make That Much Difference?
The Short Answer
It just may. You should consider certain factors when deciding how much effort to spend finding source files that aren’t readily available. You may save translation turn time and/or money by providing electronic source files if you have…

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Translations - 6 Mistakes that Cost You Money
In the translation industry, there is a per-word cost below which it is unlikely to receive a quality translation. When you go below this cost, you risk spending much more time and money than anticipated. Let’s figure out the true cost of getting a cheap, poor quality translation…
Read the full article…

How to Optimize Files for Translation
The first thing we do when we get your brochure for translation is to flip the switch that shows that hidden text. The finished product of your brochure is our starting place, so we spend time before translation making sure the translated text will behave the way your English text does. We call this “optimizing” the file. It doesn’t look different on the surface…
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