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Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends too

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Alina Bancila photoWalt Disney said: "Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends too."

In this age of automation and innovation, the care you give to your customers has become more important than ever. At any time, each of your customers may purchase the desired service or product from at least 3 competitors, more or less under the same conditions.

And yet, the most successful companies are the ones which have a customer-focused culture. Those are the companies that have clearly defined the value that they bring to their customers and have communicated it so well, that their customers know WHY they buy from them and not from anywhere else.

But the most important thing for the success of these companies is the extraordinary experience that they manage to provide to their customers, each and every time. But who does offer this experience to your customers in the end? It is the people in your company themselves, from those who directly interact with the customers, to those who prepare and deliver the service or product, even to those who create or improve it.

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends too

People buy from people, not companies. Therefore, it is essential that the notoriety and the experience that is being promoted outside to your customers be sustained by each of your people when the customers have chosen you and are in the buying process.

Which are the 2 most important things it is worth doing to have happy customers who recommend you further?

1. Deliver what you promise and promise only what you can deliver

Customers want you to keep your promises on time and to always speak the truth. It’s that simple! Why? Because they need a partner they can trust, they want to count on you all the time. Always be open to them and they will respect you for this.

Before bonuses, your customers want, first and foremost, to receive what you promised. They will not compromise on this and it is a good thing. If you manage to offer them this and then something extra, you will pleasantly surprise them. But never surprise them unpleasantly. Be transparent with them and tell them before how things will run and which are the solutions that you have thought about. Prove to them that you know their needs and how does your service or product succeed to achieve the desired results.

2. Be human and treat them like people, not like a database

Many times, we forget to be ourselves when we interact with customers. We want to impress, and that’s when we become too formal in our communication and we lack any personality.

And yet, the amazing experience that a customer may enjoy can only come from an authentic and fully human interaction with the people in your company.

An honest smile, a true "I’m so happy to meet you", to really ask if your customer managed to book the flight tickets on time, to congratulate him/her for the birth of the first girl or to surprise him/her by delivering the translation 2 days earlier because you know how important it is for them to sign that agreement.

These are simple "moments of truth" that build relationships with your customers and make them return, over and over again and recommend you to their partners so that they may enjoy your services as well.

If you show them you know them as people and that you really care about them, no other offer may compete with this.

Published - July 2015

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