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Be Healthy Consuming Only Natural Foods

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Ron's Rant

Cancer to be the leading cause of death in 2010 through deadly cocktail of toxins.

We destroy our lungs with cigarettes, feed our kids fast sugars. trans fats, salt, artificial flavors and colors, chemical sugars, vaccines, etc. Then we wonder how it is that an increasing percentage of the population develops chronic diseases such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, cancer, food intolerances, skin problems and bowel problems.

Mercury in fish and thermometers poses a problem for most, but in tooth fillings or flu shots it doesn't seem to be a problem. Where's the logic in that? We have the same ambivalence about antibiotics, the 'wonder drug' for bacterial infections but also the great killer of your intestinal flora. Never mind that friendly gut bacteria play a crucial role in maintaining long-term health. According to ancient Chinese wisdom death resides in the bowels.

The industry categorically denies all risks. Nothing new here, as this game of divide-and-rule has been going on since the previous century. The dangers of asbestos, cigarettes, fluoride and mercury have been downplayed and critical voices silenced. Once researchers express criticism, an army of sponsored scientists is employed to oppose or ridicule these skeptics, and the masses and media go back to sleep.

Since the 1950s millions of people have been fed lethal trans fatty acids hidden away in so-called 'healthy' vegetable-based margarines and frying oils. The great irony of it all is that the very suppliers of these dangerous substances are now lining their pockets with margarine which they claim lowers your cholesterol. And this is all 100% legal with the backing of the government.

The industry has got it made: first they create the problem, then they present the solution. Thus we are taking in foods that fatten us up, then foods that slim us down; products of poor nutrional value, then supplements; things that stimulate our appetite, such as salt and flavor enhancers, then slow it down, like synthetic Hoodia and new types of fats. And we fall for it big time…

It's not just the industry that's causing the problems either, it's also our convenience. By choosing to live in the fast lane we end up in a world of mock food and fast food. But those that live fast also end up burning the candle at both ends. For some this is a worthwhile lesson and an eye-opening experience, while others find no reason to adjust their lifestyles. Instead, they view it as something for the doctors to fix.

Don't underestimate the role of stress either. It's in the government's interest to have as many people working as possible because that cuts costs. To them we are cows ready to be milked with taxes on energy and other things so they can subsidize the agricultural industry of some other EU country and destroy our own productivity. That's called vision in The Hague! All I see is the intensive farming of people who only count if they produce and consume to the max. Through a backhanded deal with the banking establishment people's second incomes are also counted in determining mortgages, causing the housing market to shoot up with the government, bankers and insurance companies as the sole beneficiaries. Mothers who would like nothing better than to be there for their children are blackmailed into getting a job and their kids are parked into day care and at school from 8 to 10, stressing out the kids as well as the parents. But hey, it keeps the economy going, right?

Don't expect too much from the government because they are serving the interests of the industries. Instead, educate yourself on how you can make food work for you, not against you. Use your common sense: many diseases occur due to exhaustion or neglect. Through chronic malnutrion (mineral, enzyme, and vitamin deficiencies) and everyday stress you are creating your own downfall.

Kids are injected at a very young age with vaccine cocktails which will only lead to more allergies and immunal disfunction. The idea is to get it done as cheaply and efficiently as possible, which affects the weaker children. Autism and ADHD have become almost epidemic. They are said to be genetic (??) but aren't viruses an important factor here? My son became seriously ill shortly after receiving the MMR vaccine and his development was arrested for 18 months, but the docs didn't see any connection. Suuuuure… they are way too scared of critical parents who know too much and start asking awkward questions and alert the media. The blood sample disappeared without a trace and we will never know what virus caused it…

By refining our foods they become odorless, tasteless and keep well but they lose all-important anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. With the right foods our bodies can heal but we lose the race against various ailments and diseases if we don't support our system by giving it sufficient amounts of minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins and amino acids. You still are what you eat and your food shall still be your medicine. Give your body the proper foods so that it's capable of repairing free-radical damage by itself.

Do you own your own home and do you have it serviced regularly, things like paint and roof jobs, etc.? You're probably doing this to prevent damage or devaluation. It's the same thing with your body: you can either neglect it and die before your time or make the transition to whole foods loaded with good stuff and increase your chances of living a healthy and long life. The choice is yours…

You can't prevent everything in life but you can cause problems by ignoring your body's warning signs. If you're tired at night, you may choose to turn in early or use cola or coffee to pick you up. If you have a headache you have too much stress or too many toxins in your system. You may choose to take pain killers but they will not remove the cause. Same with heartburn. Take coffee after dinner and your gastric juices will not like it. You may choose to take a pill or change your behavior. If you have skin problems there's a good chance you have poor intestinal health and your skin is disposing of toxins. If you choose to correct bad behavior with drugs the side effects will end up creating new problems in the long run and you wind up stuck in a vicious circle - literally. Many people would rather take medicines than adjust their behavior and food patterns. It's a dead-end street. Never stop thinking about your way of living and find out what you can do to help yourself by eating living foods. Prevention is still the best cure!

You don't start thinking about your health until you lose it. This website is aimed at gathering knowledge, the latest medical research, and dissenting views from the field of alternative medicine. It aims to provide a counterweight against the industry's propaganda machine. It is my goal to create a website together with my readers that contains honest information about the advantages and disadvantages of food. This is not a corporate-sponsored website. I don't take money from the meat, dairy or pharmaceutical industry and I refuse to be patronized by these corporations. I'm simply providing information which allows you to make better choices. It's about time these truths be told. Consumers should have access to both sides of the story…

Our government has handed over the wheel to the powerful EU lobbyists. It's up to us to turn the tide. Politicians are meant to serve the people, not vice versa. Power (back) to the people.

Ron Fonteine, the Netherlands

Translation: Mike Donkers

Published - July 2009

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