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How to Live Naturally

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  • Buy economic (fluorescent) lamps – they consume up to 80% less energy than regular bulbs.
  • Don’t drive to close distances – better walk or bike.
  • Set your tap water heater to lower temperature.
  • Use wooden furniture, doors, windows, floor instead of plastic.
  • Use laptop instead of desktop computer – laptops usually consume about 90% less energy. Besides, laptops usually produce less noise. Besides, you can work with laptop in a forest, at a lake shore, in mountains, at a beach…
  • Use cable instead of wireless communications where possible: radio waves emissions are not very natural…
  • Buy only naturally grown and prepared food.
  • Recycle everything that can be recycled: paper, glass, plastics.
  • Have your car tires fully inflated – that makes your car consume less gas.
  • Where possible, for heating and food preparation use wood (instead of electricity, gas, oil etc). Wood is a renewable energy source – trees can grow again, while gas, oil, coal etc resources are exhaustable.
  • Try to take walks at the open air as often as possible.
  • Take cold shower, instead of hot one.
  • Use soap that has fewer artificial components.
  • Try to use less detergent when washing your clothes.
  • Use only natural cosmetics (if you need any).
  • Don’t dye your hair.
  • If you have choice, live in a wooden or stone house (rather than in a house made from artificial materials).
  • If you have to spend a lot of time inside, make your rooms natural: keep a lot of home plants, set up an aquarium, etc.
  • If you have an opportunity to connect your house to a renewable energy source - do that! Consider using (at least partially): solar panels, wind turbines, tide energy, water turbines etc.
  • Stay connected with your Creator all the time. Pray in the morning, pray during your day, pray before you sleep.
  • Buy a smaller and a more energy effective car.
  • When possible, use train or boat transportation instead of airplane or cars.
  • Don’t buy disposable napkins.
  • Buy products with as few packaging as possible.
  • Find time to stay tet-a-tet with your Creator.
  • Care more about your soul (which lives eternally) than about your body (which will die).
  • Avoid eating meat.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid too much alcohol.
  • Don’t keep things in your house you haven’t used during the last year at least once. Give them to charity.
  • Don’t overeat.
  • Don’t work on Sundays – visit Church instead, do good things.
  • Don’t use disposable batteries – use rechargeable instead.
  • Don’t use disposable diapers.
  • Don’t use disposable photocameras.
  • Don’t use disposable bags.
  • Love your Creator most of all.
  • Don’t kill even the smallest creatures (flies, spiders etc) without need.
  • Treat people the same way you want to be treated.
  • Don’t curse.
  • Forgive everyone.
  • Confess all your sins and sin not any more.
  • Don’t buy anything you can do without.
  • Keep your car properly maintained: if your plugs are clean, your oil is changed regularly, and the car is lubed, you will get better gas mileage.
  • Try doing dishes without detergent.
  • Support farmers that produce naturally grown food.
  • Don’t watch much television – read more Christian books instead.
  • Do you really need that lamp on? Turn it off!
  • Use things their full life cycle. Don’t buy new furniture, clothes, car, computer etc while the current ones serve you.
  • Buy less bright bulbs.
  • Use natural shoepolish, if you need any.
  • Never leave any garbage at open spaces – everything must be recycled or thrown away to garbage cans.
  • Plant trees wherever possible.
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