Glossary Mining - Part 5: Getting Down to Business Terminology translation jobs
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Glossary Mining - Part 5: Getting Down to Business

By Lee Wright,
American Translators Association,
Alexandria, VA, U.S.A.

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As indicated in the title, this installment will focus on Internet resources in various business-related subjects: accounting, advertising and marketing, banking and financial, economics, investments, real estate, shipping, and taxes. Although there are undoubtedly many resources in all major languages, these Web sites primarily involve English and Spanish. I’ll start with a few sites that deal with general business topics.


Business reports




Accounting - English

Also includes tax accounting information. +

Downloadable version in PDF available for purchase @ $16.95.

On-line book with glossaries

Accounting - Spanish

This is a complete book on the subject; very well written and detailed.

Very extensive definitions of many terms, but also extremely slow access.

Accounting - Bilingual

Puerto Rican terminology

Finance, including banking and investments, is another subject with extensive Internet resources. Here’s just a small sampling of what’s out there in cyberspace.


Also covers economics.

These last two are good for investment terminology.

And these are excellent for information about financial statement terms.


Stock market derivatives


Stock market terminology

Economics is another well-represented subject on the Web, as evidenced by the following sites:


Despite this site’s URL, it actually deals with macroeconomics rather than accounting.


This one has very detailed definitions and explanations of the terms.,A,,xhtml

The fourth most popular topic is taxes, and there are quite a number of sites on this subject. Here are just a few of them.



This last one is for Mexican terminology.

And this is from Peru.


There are also a few sites that deal with real estate terminology, such as the following ones:




Marketing and advertising are likewise represented with a number of sites but only for Spanish.

This one is actually bilingual.

And this one contains Argentine terminology.

Completing the business scenario are Internet sites that deal with a number of other subjects.


Foreign Trade and Customs

Project Management

Public Administration



Last but not least, as can be seen from the URL, this site contains the multilingual glossary of the International Monetary Fund (German, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese).

And this is the URL for the IMF’s Spanish-to-English glossary:

The next installment of this series will feature Web sites that provide terminology and other resources on the sciences, including medicine.


This article was originally published in The ATA Chronicle.

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