What is the Largest Information Ecosystem? Globalization translation jobs
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What is the Largest Information Ecosystem?

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It might be said that "Virtual Space" is the largest information ecosystem; several factors support this idea.

All communication is human-based, whether it be linguistic (spoken or written) or bodily (posture, gesticulations, etc.) The simple fact is that all humans communicate and interact with each other, resulting in an exchange of information in one way or another. What is different in patterns of communication (from the past to the present day) is the technology that we utilise, and which we use so easily and freely. The pattern of human communications is dynamic, constantly evolving, and is becoming ever faster and easier; more "user-friendly".

The idea of a virtual space in the ether has changed the overall structure of communication, and has created an information highway with virtually no bounds. As long as the human species exists, an invisible wave of communication will exist between it, sending information from one to another; from one to many others; to the same or different locations; at the same moment, or, electronically, in the future. That is the miracle that the World Wide Web has created.

As William J Mitchell explained, after its development in the last 1980s, you could enter into the web to search for and discover precisely what you wanted. But at that time there was no way to communicate or to interact with other people. This meant that in the beginning, the web was limited to the ability to search and find (vast amounts of) information. After the 1980s, however, computer systems advanced to keep pace with the rapidly developing communication technology. Lucasfilms Habitats and AOL, for example, discovered a new world called cyberspace. You could now find a "room" or a place to share your information and to "talk", in real time with others who were connected to you through their computer screens. The advances in communication and information technology simply exploded upon an unsuspecting world. We were suddenly able to interact with others in cyber space wherever there was a computer available. Now, there was a community. The place where we interacted with each other we gave the name, "virtual room", or "chat room" (World of Words, William J Mitchell).

This expansion was soon to include the development of open source software, which enabled a situation called Total Freedom of Information Exchange (Preserving the Information Ecosystem: A Discussion of Open Source Software (OSS), Stephen Adler). When more and more people from different sites started to exchange their information and share their opinions and ideas, and when it happened in such a dynamic fashion, a community was created. This community came to be known as an "ecosystem". The difference was that it was a cyberspace community, which aided virtual human communication. This led to the creation of an information ecosystem. Other forms of human communication certainly affect social movements and change them in many ways, as the information ecosystem does, but the information ecosystem does it at a much faster rate.

The information that stems from human communication has lead to the idea of a Virtual Chat Room, including what we now know as "Messengers" (such as Yahoo Messenger / MSN Messenger, for example); Web boards; and the latest, (the new kid on) the "Blog". These represent the most extensive information ecosystem yet developed by man. It is also the most dynamic human communication system yet seen, and it is eminently possible to share and post thoughts and ideas that substantially affect the ways in which the world feels, thinks, and reacts to the input it receives.


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