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Corinne McKayIt's about time that Open Source Update mentioned Rodolfo Raya's website Maxprograms, which features five free utilities for translators. Rodolfo's “day job” is as a developer for Heartsome, but his tools can be of use to translators using a variety of CAT tools. All of the programs are cost-free, and run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. They are:

1. RTFStyler, a tool that adds Trados-type styles to an RTF document, to make the document into an uncleaned Trados-type file. This allows translators to use less expensive CAT tools such as the XLIFF editor available from Heartsome, that can insert the Trados-esque tags before sending the files to a client.

2. RTFCleaner, as the name would suggest, is the janitorial counterpart to RTFStyler. This tool, also cross-platform, removes Trados-type markup tags from translated RTF files, leaving a clean text file for delivery to the client.

3. CSVConverter is a tool to make TMX (Translation Memory eXchange)-compliant glossaries out of glossaries stored in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. These glossaries are then usable in major CAT tools that are TMX compliant; as of its new release, this now includes the free and open source CAT tool OmegaT. For example CSVConverter can generate TMX-compliant glossaries from Calc or MS Excel files, or Microsoft Glossaries.

4. TBXMaker serves the same function as CSVConverter, but creates glossaries in TBX (TermBase eXchange) format. Rodolfo adds that TBXMaker was created and is maintained by his Heartsome colleague Gonzalo Pennino.

5. TMXValidator is a handy little tool for checking if your TMX-format translation memory is valid. Some of us are familiar with HTML validator tools for working on web pages; for example the HTML validator will tell you if you forgot the closing tag for any of your opening tags. TMXValidator checks your TMX files against TMX's DTD and also the requirements of the official TMX standards.

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