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The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)

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In 2002, an ambitious group of 15 long-time industry professionals and business owners came together with a common vision: to create a fully representative, international industry organization. At the root of their motivation was the idea that true progress in the industry demands that companies work together and share information, not just for self-promotion but to better meet the needs of clients, improve processes and tools, and most importantly, create a common front in defining and growing the industry as a whole. They founded the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), a non-profit organization for companies that provide translation, localization, internationalization and globalization products and services.

Since its formation, GALA has grown into an association that is poised to drive real change as well as give the industry a common voice and message. GALA membership has grown to over 160 member companies from around the world, and it continues to grow rapidly both in membership and in its ability to influence the industry. GALA was initially overseen by three elected board members and a handful of active members. Since then, the Board has expanded to five elected persons, member companies have augmented their support, and GALA has hired staff to help maintain the day-to-day affairs of the association. Daniel Carter, a founding member and board member elaborates, “As we keep growing, we want to benefit our membership, so we always ask for feedback and involvement from our members. After all, GALA is a purely member-driven organization that is run by members and exists for the benefit of its members.” Other indications of growth include increased involvement in industry events and a new website resources for members, including a searchable Vendor Database, a searchable events calendar with over 500 listings, as well as press release and event posting capabilities

GALA’s Mission

GALA's mission is to promote collaboration between all companies providing products and services in the translation, localization, internationalization, and globalization industry.

GALA’s formal objectives are:

  • To COOPERATE with each other on wider-scale projects

  • To PROVIDE customers with tailor-made solutions

  • To REDUCE OPERATIONAL EXPENSES by means of increased purchasing power

  • To INCREASE KNOWLEDGE by means of information exchange

  • To CREATE market opportunities for members

Benefits of Membership

So how does a company’s membership in GALA translate into quantifiable benefits? GALA gives members a common forum to discuss both day-to-day and perennial issues confronting the industry, and it works to facilitate innovative solutions as a group. Concerns such as standardization, product quality, evaluation metrics and other hot topics are a few examples of issues that engage GALA members in an ongoing dialog. This interaction provides not simply the opportunity for shared knowledge but also fosters the chance for members to establish themselves within a network of industry professionals. As members of this network, both new and seasoned companies are challenged to maintain cutting edge yet sustainable businesses in the industry. Affiliation with GALA indicates that a company is concerned with delivering the highest quality of product or services in the market today.

Collaboration between members plays out in many ways, one of which is in the development of shared tools to help members reduce time and money spent on developing individualized tools. GALA also actively facilitates group exhibit opportunities for members to exhibit together at industry events and conferences. Encouraging a group of competitors to exhibit side-by-side may seem a bit surprising, but it is precisely at events like these that members are able to meet one another, become familiar with each other’s work and perhaps form a business relationship in the future. Also attractive to member companies is the fact that they are able to do this at a reduced cost by exhibiting together. As a result of these GALA-sponsored or organized events, many members work together in alliances, or an a project basis, to deliver products and services to their clients. GALA also promotes events on the regional level, providing greater focus on specific markets and their needs. As GALA continues growing, efforts to improve the industry and to create unique, relevant opportunities for members will continue to be top priorities.

Member Benefits (summary)

  • Special pricing on tools and products

  • Cost-effective marketing opportunities

  • Invitations to members-only events

  • Increased marketing opportunities with potential clients

  • Networking and exchange opportunities with other member companies

  • Industry information in the GALA newsletter
  • Promotion of member companies on the GALA website

  • Special opportunities and pricing on joint exhibits at industry events

  • Access to the Member Area of the GALA website (includes job posting capabilities and networking bulletin board)

Why have other companies joined?

"GALA is a vibrant group of language solution vendors who share experiences, pool knowledge, and benefit from collective research and action. Although the group is in its relative infancy, its membership demographic already demonstrates an impressive range of company profiles and geographies. Discussion of industry issues is lively and, more importantly, action results. For example, while there is a trend in our industry toward Globalization Management Systems (GMS), these systems are beyond what many agencies can afford. GALA soon plans to beta a portal which will offer a centralized file conversion service, a reporting service, a file management service, a report feature, centralized translation memory, and possibly a machine translation function. GALA is negotiating this configuration as a "pay as you go" model for members who choose to participate. Also, GALA has been a strong forum for me to learn about which SLVs are well suited to cooperation with our company." Shelly Orr Priebe, General Manager, McElroy Translation Company (USA).

Who Can Join?

Any bona fide company providing translation, localization, internationalization, or globalization products or services, including tools developers, training suppliers, and consultancies. Membership also requires a
signature of and adherence to the GALA Code of Conduct and Non-Disclosure Agreement as well as payment of annual dues of US$500. GALA membership is not open to individuals or freelance translators.

Though there are other associations in the industry, GALA’s precision focus on unifying providers – encouraging dialog about the quality and scope of what they offer and how they can improve themselves as a group – is what has created such a buzz about GALA. A continued concentration on member and industry needs for development, including learning and communicating what clients actually want, will be the driving force that launches GALA into its future.

For more information concerning GALA, visit or call +1(206) 329-2596.

List of current GALA Members.

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