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New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters Incorporated (NZSTI) - Profile

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The New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters Incorporated (NZSTI) was established in 1985 as a representative body of practising professional translators and interpreters in New Zealand.

Our Mission Statement:

NZSTI is a nationally representative body of translators and interpreters that provides a networking forum for its members, represents members' interests, and promotes continued professional development, quality standards and awareness of the profession within government agencies and the wider community.


Regional branches of the society are established in centres where there is a sufficiently large group of professional translators and interpreters to warrant this, with the affairs of the regional branches being administered by a locally elected executive which works under the umbrella of the national council. Currently, there are three regional branches in the three main centres of New Zealand, the Auckland branch, the Wellington branch and the Canterbury branch.

In addition to regular branch meetings in the main centres, the society also holds an annual conference, typically in one of the main centres. These forums and seminars ensure our members are up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the fields of translation and interpreting.

Members and associates of NZSTI also receive free subscription to our newsletter "Word for Word". This periodical contains feature articles pertinent to all practitioners, as well as reports on current activities around New Zealand and the world.

NZSTI also maintains an online directory. The contact details, the working languages and the specialties of each member and each associate are included in this ever-expanding directory. Its target readership includes the main users of interpreting and translation services in both the public and private sectors in New Zealand and overseas. This directory can be accessed by clicking on the directory link on the left. Hardcopy directories are available from the national secretary at a nominal cost.

Duly qualified persons may be received into membership, in one of the following categories: ordinary members, fellows, retired members, honorary members, foreign members and associates. Each member and each fellow receives a membership certificate upon admission to the Society. In addition, the Society also issues a membership card to subscribed members for identification purposes.

The NZSTI is also formally affiliated with The Sign Language Interpreters Association of New Zealand (SLIANZ). SLIANZ is a national professional association which aims to represent and advance the field of sign language interpreting. For more information please contact their national secretary at SLIANZ, c/o 170 Tasman Street, Mount Cook, Wellington, New Zealand.

If you would like to know more about NZSTI, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the national secretary.

The logo

New Zealand Society ot Translators and InterpretersThe overall triangular shape of the logo reflects the widespread use of the triangle to represent the position of the translator or interpreter at one corner of a triangle, with the speaker and listener (or writer and reader in the case of translation) of the source language and target language
respectively, at the other two corners.

The two faces of different colours represent the task of the translator or interpreter in facilitating in communication between peoples of different language and cultural backgrounds.

The use of black and white as two of the major colours not only represents the bringing together of diverse languages and cultures, but also represents clarity and accuracy.

The green colour in the logo is representative of New Zealand's clean, green image.

The Maori name of the Society reflects our unique New Zealand heritage. The name itself is a taonga (treasure) of the Society, and was generously offered to the society as a gift from Professor Timoti Karetu, Maori Language Commissioner and honorary member of NZSTI.

How to join

Applications from persons interested in joining NZSTI must be made on the appropriate application form, which can be downloaded from our website in PDF format. Applications must also be accompanied by evidence of related qualifications and/or experience. The Membership Subcommittee of the Council of NZSTI reviews membership applications. After consideration, their recommendations come before the next Council meeting for ratification. Please note that this process can take up to three months, depending on when the application is received. You will be advised of the results in due course.

This rigorous system of qualification approval and colleague endorsement ensures the highest performance standard of any member on the list. Each application for membership is considered on an individual basis by the national council of the NZSTI, and results in admission to any one of the following six classes of membership.

Members (or ordinary members) are those members who:

  • have a degree in translation or interpreting,
  • have passed a National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) translator or interpreter Level examination (formerly Level III) or
  • have successfully completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies from the University of Auckland with an average grade of B or better.
  • have other equivalent qualifications and/or experience.

Fellows are those members who not only fulfil the requirements for ordinary members but who, by reason of their outstanding translating or interpreting ability on the basis of the work they have done, are deemed to be outstanding professional practitioners.

Retired members are former fellows, or ordinary members who have now retired from professional practice and have been accepted as retired members by the society.

Honorary members are distinguished individuals who have, or are able to offer assistance to the society and the profession.

Foreign members are suitably qualified translators or interpreters resident abroad who have a particular interest in, and contribution to make to the society.

Associates are those persons who are not qualified to be ordinary members or fellows of the society.

To request further information about the application process, or request additional information about the society itself, please contact the national secretary.

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