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Channel Description: Adventures in web globalization, transcreation, marketing and design

Day One for Amazon in Australia
Today marks the official day one for Amazon in Australia. While has been around for a number of years largely selling eBooks via the Kindle, today the company goes all-in, selling products across more than 20 categories, with Prime coming next year. It’s interesting to be here and talking to the locals about what … more

The Internet’s obesity crisis
In 2001, I published a report on website weights and their impacts on website performance. Why, may you ask, was I researching website weights all the way back in 2001? The great broadband divide At the time, in the United States and many other countries, homes and businesses were in the process of upgrading from … more

Amazon’s uneven (and not unusual) language strategy
Amazon Crossing is the Amazon publishing imprint dedicated to translating non-English books into English. In just a few years it has grown to be a leading translator of literary novels. I noted earlier that doesn’t significantly support Indian languages. But on the Amazon Crossing submission page, you will find support for Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi. … more

China sees the future in Africa (and it’s not alone)
Earlier this year, The Los Angeles Times ran a fascinating series on China and Africa and I only just got around to reading it. I recommend at least reading Part I. China is funding a massive railroad project connecting Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, to the port city of Djibouti where most of the country’s exports … more

Free webinar for class adoptions of Think Outside the Country
I’ve already conducted a few webinars in the US and abroad and realize that I’ve never formally announced this. If your class has adopted Think Outside the Country, I’d be happy to provide a Skype webinar to talk more about the book and answer any questions you have. If you have any questions, please let … more

The Language of Global Success (and the rise of the English-only multinational)
The dream is profound  — a global company united by one language. Employees communicating freely with one another across border and culture, improving productivity and sharing of ideas. The reality, however, is quite a bit messier than the dream. But that doesn’t stop CEOs from dreaming. Such as Hiroshi Mikitani, the CEO of Rakuten, Japan’s … more

China: 120 million international travelers and just getting started
In 2016, more than 120 million Chinese traveled internationally. which is roughly the entire population of Japan (or Canada, Italy and Australia combined). And only 10% of the country has a passport. Imagine the travel industry when 25% of Chinese residents are traveling abroad. Where will they go? What will they want to see? To … more

When looking at Asia, look beyond China, Japan and South Korea…
Historically, when a Western company planned its Asian expansion strategy, it primarily focused on three markets (or fewer):  China, Japan and South Korea. Today, any company with eyes on Asian expansion should not limit itself to these three markets. There are many opportunities in the emerging ASEAN countries. ASEAN stands for the Association of Southeast … more

KPMG: The best global professional services website of 2017
For the 2017 Web Globalization Report Card, we benchmarked the following professional services websites: Accenture Capgemini Deloitte Ernst & Young KPMG PWC Over the past 18 months, KPMG, Deloitte, and PwC all launched new web designs. In addition, these websites continue to improve in not just creating locally relevant content but promoting this content on the … more

The growing language gap between travel and tourism websites
The travel industry has long been at the forefront of web globalization. Take, with support for 41 languages, or Uber, with support for 36 languages, or KLM, with support for 32 languages. And yet, if you wish to research destinations online, tourism websites are not nearly so globally friendly. While the leading travel websites … more

Nissan: The best global automotive website of 2017
For the 2017 Web Globalization Report Card, we studied the following 14 automotive websites: Audi BMW Chevrolet Ford Honda Hyundai Land Rover Lexus Mercedes Mini Nissan Tesla Toyota Volkswagen Historically, automotive websites have been strong on languages but weak on global consistency and global navigation. And while most automotive websites continue to struggle on these fronts, I … more

Announcing the top 10 global tourism websites
While I’ve closely studied travel websites for many years (such as airlines, hotels, travel agencies) as part of The Web Globalization Report Card, I’ve not spent much time looking closely at destination websites, such as for cities, regions and countries.  That is, until earlier this year. I’m pleased to announce the publication of Destination: Marketing – Global … more

Microsoft: The best global consumer technology website of 2017
For the 2017 Web Globalization Report Card, I benchmarked the following consumer-oriented technology websites: Adobe Apple Canon Dell HP HTC Lenovo LG Microsoft Nikon Panasonic Samsung Sony Toshiba Xiaomi Microsoft and Adobe tied this year for the top spot, with Microsoft winning out based on languages supported. Both companies, along with Nikon, made the top … more

India: Growing like crazy and craving local-language content
Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins released her 2017 Internet Trends report today — the mother of all PowerPoint decks. I last commented on the 2014 deck. A few slides jumped out at me this year — as part of her in-depth focus on India — noting that 46% of India’s Internet users primarily consume local-language content. This … more

My conversation with Verbaccino
I want to thank Kathrin Bussmann of Verbaccino for including me on her podcast. You can listen to it here: TWM 059: Why Successful Brands Invest in Web Globalization w/ John Yunker more

Languages are a means to an end, a journey as well as a destination
I recently wrote an op-ed for the Seattle Times about the importance and value of thinking globally. Here’s an excerpt: Consider Starbucks. In 2003, this aspiring global company supported a mere three languages. Today, it supports 25, which may sound like a lot until you compare it to many other global brands. Among the leading … more

IKEA: The best global retail website of 2017
For the 2017 Web Globalization Report Card, I benchmarked the following 9 retail websites: H&M IKEA LUSH McDonald’s MUJI Starbucks UNIQLO Walmart Zara For the purposes of this report, the retail segment includes only those companies that support physical retail locations within the markets they serve. While Amazon is in the early stages of rolling out retail locations, … more

Think Outside the Country
I’m pleased to announce the publication of my newest book: Think Outside the Country: A Guide to Going Global and Succeeding in the Translation Economy. This book is the result of the past decade spent working with marketing and web teams around the world. I’ve long wanted to have something I could pass along that … more

Intel: The best global enterprise technology website of 2017
For the 2017 Web Globalization Report Card, I benchmarked the following 10 enterprise technology  websites: Autodesk Cisco Systems HP Enterprise Huawei IBM Intel Oracle SAP Texas Instruments Xerox Intel emerged on top for the second year in a row, followed by Cisco Systems and Autodesk. A new entrant this year is HP Enterprise, which ranked relatively … more

Think Outside the Country: Coming April 10th
  I’m pleased to announce the new book Think Outside the Country: A Guide to Going Global and Succeeding in the Translation Economy, due out on April 10th. Think Outside the Country is isn’t strictly about taking a website or mobile app global, though you’ll find plenty of real-world examples about how to do just that. Ultimately, this … more

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