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Are you getting the most fun out of your CAT tool?

Here at Web-Translations, two of our favourite memoQ features, the “Do Not Press This Button” button and the Zen mode, have had quite the tumultuous past. Of course, the majority of our highly dedicated, focused freelancers will have been far too busy familiarising themselves with the more intermediate features to come across these buttons, but if they were to look at the top options, they might see something like this: While the biggest names in Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools are continually updating their software to include features that improve productivity and consistency, memoQ developers realised that linguists also need a bit of light in their lives. Kilgray controversially introduced an ‘unproductive’ feature, the “Do Not Press This Button” button, in version 2.3 of memoQ (a long time ago), and the Zen mode soon crept in to join it in later versions. The “Do Not Press This Button” button does exactly what you expect it to, but “The Zen” is a lot […]

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Meet the Team – Rachel Jones

Hello! I’m Rachel, the new Project Coordinator at Web-Translations. I’m really excited to join the team and experience the world of translation from this end, having worked as a French and German freelance translator for a year. Prior to this, I completed an MA in Audiovisual Translation at the University of Leeds and a BA in French and German at University College London (UCL). My master’s in Audiovisual Translation focused on the creation of interlingual subtitles and also intralingual subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences. I also learnt a lot about CAT tools and localisation strategies, which has prepared me well for life as a project coordinator.  As a student, I dedicated my spare time to theatre and film, performing each year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with various companies, so subtitling was a great way to combine my love of languages and film. Last year, I was also able to combine translation and theatre by taking part in an […]

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Are you ready for international customers?

Before launching your localised website, take time to review your company’s operational procedures. Although you may already sell to international customers, a sudden influx of new international customers could put a strain on your operations. Read on for some points to consider prior to launching an international website. Non-English communication Do you have personnel in place to respond to non-English enquiries? If not, consider a disclaimer that telephone enquiries will only be dealt with in English. Also, how will you deal with emails in foreign languages? You may be able to understand an inbound email if you run it through Google Translate, but machine translation will not be acceptable for a reply to a customer. Contact us for more info on timely, professional email correspondence. The right products Have you looked into what products are the best for your target market? There is no point translating product descriptions for products that certainly won’t sell abroad. Even if a Peppa Pig hat is a bestseller […]

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Warning: You’re losing money by not localising your website

In 2017, there were 153,852 exporters of goods in the United Kingdom.  This is up from 141,433 exporters in 2013. Every single UK region had a higher £ value exported last year than the previous year. In Yorkshire and The Humber, the value of exports increased 13.6% from 2016 to 2017. Why the increase? Companies are discovering how it easy it is to sell internationally in online marketplaces, and via their own websites. With more people around the world shopping online, there are so many new potential customers, even if they are in another country. Savings in tax may make up for international postage and import duties, possibly making it cheaper to purchase something from abroad. The UK’s top trading partners in terms of exported goods are the US, Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, China, Belgium & Luxembourg, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. By localising your website into French, German, Spanish and Italian, you will have access to 8 of the top 10 […]

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5 reasons why being bilingual doesn’t magic you into a translator

It’s a common misconception that bilingual people are all capable translators.  Based on the terrible translations that pop up occasionally – from advertising campaigns to user instructions for your TV – this is evidently not the case. Bilingualism is not the only prerequisite for being a good translator Professional translators have an exceptional command of the target language. Orthographic and grammatical mistakes appear less frequently in professionally translated texts. Translators are also writers; their job is to create texts that read well in their native language, sounding fluent and natural. Bilingual people should only translate into their native language, unless the text will not be used for external communications. Text translated by a non-native speaker will sound ‘translated’ 99% of the time. Qualified translators know this and won’t attempt something out of their skill set. Translation is a skill that takes time to develop. Professional translators usually have post-graduate qualifications, and many have years of translation experience as well, which your bilingual employee […]

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Put the crossword aside and a learn a new language!

We’ve all heard that keeping your brain active is good prevention for dementia. There is conflicting research about this; some scientists feel that the benefit comes from learning new things, as opposed to processing information you previously learnt. If this is the case, doing the crossword won’t be as beneficial as learning to knit. Learning a new language is a fantastic option for anyone trying to keep those neurons firing, as it combines novelty, challenge and effort for an effective brain workout. In Scotland, Lingo Flamingo is a social enterprise with the goal of “Tackling Dementia Through Language”. Their workshops in French, Spanish, Italian and German help keep older adults’ brains fit and active. Social interaction combined with sensory language learning is a brilliant idea, especially as learning a language – at any age – can slow cognitive decline. However, in addition to the theory of learning being a preventative measure, it seems that simply being bilingual acts as a […]

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The results are in… Our Most Valuable Translator awards

We have had a great start to 2018, and would like to announce Web-Translations’ Most Valuable Translators for 2017. We’re extremely grateful to our network of linguists, whose extensive talents allow us to offer translation services across a wide range of industries. We’re privileged to work with many exceptional translators; our MVT awards showcase just some of these. Our 2017 MVTs have been chosen for many different reasons: some have made important contributions for a single client. Others have helped us out in time-critical conditions, or have gone over and above what was required in order to ensure the highest quality possible for a client.  It is a pleasure to work with these translators, all of whom are excellent communicators, provide well-researched and polished translations, and are skilled with translation technology. The list, in alphabetical order, is as follows (drum roll please!): Alekos Psimikakis* Dorianne Mifsud Gisella Giarrusso José Miguel Aguilar Juliette Mazurkiewicz Karin Seelhof Karin Siebrasse-Brentnall Karolina Piotrowska Laura Mussutto Maciej Gliński Nanda Weiland […]

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Main concerns of international online shoppers

Presents for family in America   Presents for the kids Present for Grandma Click, click, click.  My Christmas shopping is nearly complete, and 80% was purchased online.  The gifts that haven’t been dropped into my online shopping basket have at least been researched and price-checked online.  Judging by the latest eCommerce research, I am not alone. Consumers around the world are shopping online in increasing numbers.  It’s quick and often cheaper; getting the lowest advertised price only takes a quick Google search.  And with free shipping options, it’s cheaper than paying for city centre parking! Buying gifts for friends and family in another country is also a lot easier – no queuing at the post office! – and saves the cost of international postage. With your international eCommerce site, the concerns are very much the same as for English-language only websites, however there are a few additional points to consider for your foreign-language pages. Simply translating the English content is not sufficient.   Delivery charges […]

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A Latin Music Revolution

Whether you like it or not, it has been impossible to escape the rise of Latin music this summer! From Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ to J Balvin’s ‘Mi gente’, Latin music seems to be storming both the UK and American charts, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Latin music has experienced various crazes throughout the years, however, with the rise of streaming platforms such as Spotify, its popularity appears to only be getting stronger as Latin music fans across the world can easily listen to this genre of music. This has resulted in many English speaking artists wanting to jump on the bandwagon and break the Latin American market. It’s clear that Justin Bieber really kicked off the trend of collaborating with Spanish speaking artists in an attempt to create ‘Spanglish’ hits; and that’s exactly what he did! Bieber’s remix of ‘Despacito’ is the second primarily Spanish language song to reach number one of the US Billboard Hot 100 since ‘Macarena’ […]

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Grow your business internationally – our Top 6 tips

Global trade has never been so easy! The web has removed geographical barriers from international trade. If you can overcome language and cultural barriers, the world truly is your oyster. The UK export trade is worth millions, and with a well-localised website, you are better positioned to tap into these growing international markets. Positioned between the translation and web industries, Web-Translations offers a unique, low-risk, low-cost approach to international eBusiness. Here are our Top 6 tips for growing your business internationally: 1) Make friends with Google. Google has a host of online tools to help you analyse market data and understand trends around the world. The Market Finder tool can recommend the best market for your business, providing insights to help you reach the audience in a particular country. Google Trends shows what topics are trending in a particular country, as well as providing data on individual search terms. More fantastic graphs and charts help you to decide if a […]

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