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Channel Description: Receive a quote for Spanish translation services. Or read our blog and leave a comment. We provide authoritative Spanish translation services for business.

How To Request A Translation Quote (in only 6 slides)
Here’s how to request a translation quote in 6 “fun and easy” slides (in case you were wondering). more

Our Global Network of Translators
What Informed Translation Clients Need to Know - Part #3 Should Affinity Translation hire on site translators and perform translation work only internally? Or do our clients benefit from accessing a globally distributed network of professional translators on-demand? Here are some of the advantages of working with Affinity Translation and its trusted network of skilled professional […] more

How Translation Companies Differentiate Their Services
If you’ve ever taken a class in economics you may recall that a commodity can be defined as a product or service differentiated mainly by its price. In other words the attributes of every unit of a commodity are essentially the same. If translation services were a commodity then purchasers could evaluate translation services solely […] more

Is the Worldwide Market for Translation Services Declining?
The graph below is interesting, but does it tell a true story? A continuing decline for Google searches on the words “translation services” is shown. What might this mean? A few possible explanations are listed below: To read the complete article see the Affinity Translation Blog. more

How A Translation Order is Assigned and Processed
Some translation clients want to know in detail what happens when they place an order with Affinity Translation. More often clients, especially those who are repeat customers, mainly care that the final delivered translation meets their specifications. Meeting specifications means that the target language translation accurately expresses what was originally conveyed in the source language. […] more

Affinity Translation Newsletter | January 2013
Read our January 2013 newsletter. Click the image below to view the publication online. And thanks for reading! more

What Translation Clients Need to Know – Part #1
Most professional translators have areas of subject matter specialization. Translators are people, human beings with unique life experiences and educational backgrounds. So it’s natural that an individual translator will be more comfortable in some domains and subject areas than in others. Typical areas of translator specialization might be in legal, technical disciplines (there are many), […] more

The Best Refund Policy for Translation Services
In browsing a competing translation company’s website recently I noticed a reference to a “refund policy” posted on their website. It started me wondering about why a refund policy was mentioned so prominently. The inference is potentially negative (i.e., refund requests are so frequent that we’re posting our refund policy online). It could be that […] more

Translation Insurance | A Sign of High Quality?
For the first time in the six years of our translation company’s existence a prospective client requested that we confirm “translator/interpretor” insurance coverage. The prospective client was so insistent on the matter that we were not allowed to even quote the translation project before confirming insurance coverage. Now mind you that the prospective client was […] more

What’s On Our Mind in the Translation Business
It’s Sunday December 2, 2012. Here are 5 things we’re thinking about concerning our translation business: 1) Will the political forces in Washington DC work out a deal on fiscal policies that avoids heading the country back into recession? Even if they do, the continued environment of uncertainty is not good for business. To read […] more

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