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Forum for Translators: Non-Payer: Wagner Consulting International

Non-Payer: Wagner Consulting International               [Reply to this message]
Sender: WTF 11-09-2017 17:51

Wagner Consulting International is spamming members of TD with job offers with ridiculous rates. Of course, this company does not usually pay its translators. Take a look at the blueboard at

It has been banned from posting jobs at and now uses TD instead.
Re: Non-Payer: Wagner Consulting International               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Dorothee Kelly (Cape Clear Island Translation Services) 20-12-2017 11:02

I accepted a seemingly very urgent but small job (350 words) which they wanted to have done late at night. They literally begged me - we agreed a price and I delivered at ca 23.00 hours; In the morning they said they had found another linguist who had done it "in an hour". In view of the urgency they pretended with me to get me to do it it seems unlikely that they bothered finding another translator at that hour of the night.
I personally believe they took my translation but don't want to pay. I'd stay away from them, they seem to cause unnecessary annoyment, their behaviour is pretty abusive. I should have checked reviews about them before engaging with them.
Re[2]: Non-Payer: Wagner Consulting International               [Reply to this message]
Sender: KY 10-04-2018 14:52

I should have checked this site earlier, this company seems to make many excuse to delay the payment. The total amount to receive is around USD 1,000.
The rate is so low, and they are so demanding. But the payment does never come...
Take special care not to accept any offers.
Wagner International does pay               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Viviana Ossa 17-07-2018 18:04

Hello. I made a simultaneous translation job for the company Wagner International during the month of April. I had some trouble with the payment being done, it was not an easy task. Neverthless, three months after, finally Wagner did pay. At last!!! They have good intentions, probably they lack inner organization and have some trouble making the payment on time, however, they do pay. My advice to those who have problems with the company in issues related with payments, is to be patient and try to solve things using dialogue. There is also some personnel in the Facebook page, that is willing to collaborate and give solutions to this type of problems. Contact them in case you dont seem to receive enough support from the other members of the company, they are honest and help out with this type of issues.
Re: Wagner International does NOT pay               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Floriane BALLIGE 24-08-2018 06:12

I did a huge translation job for Wagner International in 2009... More than 2,000 euros in terms of payment. We're in 2018 and I still haven't been paid.
I have tracked down Mr Wagner so many times, even threatened him to sue him or go to his agency and not leave the place until I get paid. No result at all, nothing.

I advise every translator out there to NEVER work for Wagner, otherwise you may never get paid.
Re: Wagner International does NOT pay               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Aurawee Thanasorn 29-08-2018 00:34

Viviana might be lucky to get paid but not me. I did one job for them in May this year and until now they did not pay. They replied my email at the beginning until I told them that I will report to all blacklist websites. Don't do any work for this company.
Re[2]: Wagner International does NOT pay               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Aurawee Thanasorn 30-08-2018 00:36

I just got paid last night. It's the same day I posted this problem. It's quite unbelievable. However, I still suggest to stay away from this company.
Re: Wagner International does pay               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Chris 30-08-2018 20:17

I’m working with them mainly for the combination English to German. Sometimes I’ll have to send nice reminders but I always got paid. I recommend them and will continue my collaboration.
Re[2]: Wagner International does pay               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Floriane BALLIGE 31-08-2018 05:17

You belong to the rare and lucky people working with Wagner Consulting, Chris.
Good for you and I hope you'll keep being satisfied.

I personally belong to the people who don't have that chance. Wagner Consulting has been oowing me US$1,715 since 2010...
Re[3]: Wagner International does pay               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Floriane BALLIGE 31-08-2018 05:18

...OWING not oowing, sorry..
Re[4]: Wagner International does pay               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Chris 14-09-2018 17:40

Why don´t you work things out with them, they are great people there. Ask them if they can suggest something. I don´t know what happened, but knowing them there must have been an issue. Maybe you can actually see if they are willing to come up with a solution, and then take it from there.
Re[5]: Wagner International does pay               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Floriane BALLIGE 15-09-2018 07:12

They suggest a solution: they'd like me to work again for them!

Honestly, how could I work again for a company who's been owing me 1715,05 American dollars for 8 years!!

All the agencies I usually work with can testify that I am an easy going person, always willing to understand and be patient when there's no other way.

I've been patient since 2010...It's more than I can take. If this company is so successful, if it's the "leading, reputed and a trusted multilingual service company as well as media agency" they claim to be on their homepage, then they should have the necessary amount to pay me.

However, and based on the recent exchanges that I had with Ullah (since Mr Wagner no longer wants to be in touch with me), the only but drastic method seems be the debt collection agency...
Re[2]: Non-Payer: Wagner Consulting International               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Jack Speese 12-04-2018 22:51

I had much the same experience 10-12 years ago. I did a lot of work for them for a year or so and at first thought that they were a decent client. Then the payments started coming later and later, but after I asked what was going on they came. I did several more big jobs for them, thinking that we had a good relationship, but after an inordinate amount of time without payment and numerous unanswered emails, I finally threatened legal action. By then I had long since stopped accepting any more jobs. I finally did get paid most of what I was owed (several thousand dollars), and they even had the nerve to ask me if I were interested in more projects. The reason I'm making this post now after so many years is because they just contacted me a day or so ago (different project manager) about working for them again. I notice that they have been banned from ProZ and judging from the recent posts that I have seen on-line, it doesn't look like much has changed. So needless to say I told them I had no desire to work with them again. In my personal opinion, I think that this outfit would be a good one to stay away from!
Re: Non-Payer: Wagner Consulting International               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Diana Vargas 27-08-2018 15:53

Wagner did not solve an international bank transfer payment for my services, notifying they didn't received the returned bank transfer they did. It's not replying my request e-mail messages. I was fired from one job position there for being victim of work moral harrassment.I denounced that situation as a victim, and they decided to end my contract instead.
Re[2]: Non-Payer: Wagner Consulting International               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Floriane BALLIGE 27-08-2018 16:05

Some Ullah person replied to my message here...So here is mine to her or him....

So, I haven't done anything and my case is closed? I made no efforts at all? What nerve!

Thanks for letting me know because I emailed Mr Wagner last week to try and get some news and I've been expecting his reply since then, which I haven't received yet! So surprising....

I emailed Mr Wagner a huge number of times over the years and never got any satisfying reply from him. He's nothing more but a liar, and a very good one. Every reply I got from him was "Don't worry, we're working on your case and you'll have your payment very soon, we take this very seriously". Nothing but lies, all the time.

I ended up threatening Mr Wagner, I told him that I would sue him. This had no impact on him, he never cared. He went on with his lies.

He told me that the client had been sued and let me know the name of the sollicitor in charge, whom I emailed to get a confirmation and I NEVER heard anything from this so-called lawyer. And here is another lie!

Moreover, the problem has been lasting not for 5 years but for 8 years, since October 2010!

I'm not the only one to complain about Mr Wagner, many people have been complaining for many years too, Mr Wagner's company is considered a bad payer and a scam. The reports on the Translatorscafé and the ratings on Proz speak for themselves.

Don't try and fool anyone out there, your company and its boss is definitely not reliable.
Re[2]: Non-Payer: Wagner Consulting International               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Jenn 29-08-2018 19:07

Hi Diana,

you provided a wrong bank account to us and your payment bounced. You have been re-issued in a timely manner the payment to your account, minus the banking fees that your bank took for the payment. Nonetheless, we can forward you telling the firm that you actually did send an old account. We even shared the costs on this. Nonetheless, all the best to you.
Re[3]: Non-Payer: Wagner Consulting International               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Diana Vargas 14-09-2018 18:15

Dear Wagner Payroll,

I always provided the correct data for the bank transfer in all e-mail messages sent to Wagner.
Your company stopped attending my bank transfer requests.
Thus, I use this resource since you never write to my e-mail address about anything.
My bank acknowledges to transfered back the money to your bank's company, and your company claims never received that money back.
I provide supportive documents issued from my local bank attached here.
Please check my local Bank transfer issued tracking result as image document.
My local bank PDF includes the transfer code of the transaction wiring back the money to Wagner's bank in the US.
Please bear in mind I have been requesting to transfer my money again since April 2018 related to your last money transfer of December 2017 year.
There is clear evidence Wagner has my money to proceed carrying out the corresponding bank transfer again.
There is no evidence of claiming other false, or wrong data provided by me or my local Bank as Wagner claims.
I expect you solve this issue during the course of the next week, at once.
Thank you in advance hoping to solve this problem your company overlooked.

Re[5]: Non-Payer: Wagner Consulting International               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Floriane BALLIGE 30-09-2018 12:15

No, because most agencies are reliable and trustworthy. They are honest to you and pay you right on time.

However, you still have to be careful and the best thing to do before starting a collaboration with a new agency is to seek information on the Internet via websites like this one or other ones like the Translatorscafé or Proz.

Better miss a job than start one that you will in the end lead you to payment (and therefore trust) issues. If you have to fight to get paid for the very first job you get, then don't go on with the agency.

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