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Forum for Translators: Non-paying agency:

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Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Samuel Wandeu 05-09-2015 14:03

I received several projects from this translation agency "MY ULTIMATE TRANSLATION"?

But form more than 5 months, i received no money, though they said payment was "settled", but blocked in a Chinese intermediate bank. They have a mechanical response to all my mails related to the issue: "payment will be made next week". The worst is that their PMs (Nabilah Yusof, Samantha, Sherena) are no longer answering to neither my calls nor my mails. They have even vanished on Skype.

They were really professional during the translation process (PO sent, feedback, responsive, etc.). But regarding payment, it's a completely different story.

Besides, I handled one of their big projects thousands of words). As i was sick, i could not meet the first deadline. But after discussions it was postponed and postponed and mutually agreed. I finally deliver the project days after without any quarrel. About 60 days later, while i was awaiting payment (let me remind that even the first payments) for the other completed jobs were still awaited), they said the project was rejected, raising some incomprehensible and inapplicable arguments. To my greatest surprise. I think they are trying to fool me!
Re: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: K G Anand (translationa2z) 13-04-2016 08:12 based in Kuala Lumpur is a FRAUD company. They do not pay translators. BE WARY OF ACCEPTING ANY WORK FROM THEM UNLESS YOU WANT TO WORK FOR FREE.
Re[2]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Nabilah 16-02-2017 23:34

This translator didt performance his work correctly lots of mistake and problem in his work out client decided not to pay for the job he have done so he simply spoiling our name and putting in all the sites.. please beware of this person.
Re[3]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: K G Anand 18-02-2017 11:21

You fraudulent party.
I have all the proofs with me for your non payment.
I refused tour English > Japanese work because you did not pay me for the English > Hindi work. Now most of Malaysia and translation fraternity know about your tainted reputation.
YOU ARE ONE OF THE WORST PARY we have come across.
Re: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: nobody 12-05-2016 05:39

Hi, it's 2016 now, did they pay you, or still not?
Re[2]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: K G Anand 15-05-2016 22:20

Not sure if Samuel got paid but they are not paying my money.
Re[3]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Nabilah 16-02-2017 23:27

This translator didt performance his job well and our client decided not to pay for the job which is not right.. when we say this he disagree and put in few translator site. Please take not we work on our own but we depend on good translator not like him...
Re[2]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Nabilah 16-02-2017 23:31

Not sure who is this person we don't have such translators please refer there is no name and information appreciated if you can remove this
Re: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Thur 23-06-2016 01:15

I have been cheated by this company, or Samantha, Yusof, whatever. When I asked for money, he or she just disappeared. The company is a really theif.
Re[2]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Nabilah 16-02-2017 23:41

Hi translation directory please note there is no any information of the sender.. kindly appreciate if you can remove people can simply put this comment or please share the details of the sender? Really appreciated thanks
Re: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Nabilah 16-02-2017 23:47

We have paid this translator for the 1st job but for the 2nd job yes we didt pay because he we requested him to do the translation and he agreed 1st and then we was waiting for sometime he didt meet the dateline so my client need it very urgeny so we have to a different translator and settle the job... if he really want to take the job 1st of all he need to meet the dateline as he promise not we wait for him.., as u know client don't wait for us and we need to deliver them before the dateline. We have proof and our client have spoke to this translator directly and we have all the black and white and a proof.
Re[2]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: K G Anand (translationa2z) 17-02-2017 00:20

The party's contention is absolutely wrong and misleading.
There was no quality or delivery problem at all.
The party wanted to do more work for them English > Japanese which was refused on the logic that unless old over due payment of Hindi work is done I am not interested in taking up fresh work for them.
There is a lot of written and telephonic communication with the party but they did not pay at all. They simply refused to pay.
The party has bad reputation about payment and is black listed by some translation sites including probably when the work was done last year. This is a habitual non paying party owing me INR 17000/-00.
Re[3]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Nabilah 17-02-2017 15:35

We have proof of what we are saying the client has rejected because of this translator... they was doing direct translation from google so since our client didt pay for this bad quality work we don't think should pay to him. Proz didt blacklist us since we still have account with them.
Re[4]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Thur 17-02-2017 16:18

I have sufficient proof to show you are a fraud company, so please don't pretend to be innocent here. I will disclose more details about this company, Yusof, Samantha, and their beautiful account Sherena.
Re[3]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Roxanne 11-04-2017 07:07

I just called the company and they hung up on me, twice. Didn't even let me finish my sentence to ask Nabilah to call me back or at least respond to my emails. I see that she responds on this thread pretty actively. Payment has been overdue for a very long time and I also get the typical response of "will pay by next week".

I saw on Google review and here as well as Proz regarding their nonpayment issue. Any other translators with the same problem in Malaysia?
Re[4]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: K G Anand (translationa2z) 11-04-2017 07:33

Myultimatetranslation, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia is an absolutely CHEAT party---KGAnand India
Re[5]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Nabilah 22-05-2017 11:02

KG Anand is funny guy he did mistake on our translation job but expect us to pay him..
Re[6]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: WTF 23-05-2017 07:59

I've just looked up this company on the Blueboard

This company is a non-payer and is banned from posting jobs on that particular site.
Re[4]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Roxanne 12-04-2017 18:48

I was promised that I will be paid in part and the remaining amount soon. (Ie. "Next week) I'm hoping the company will hold their end of the promise now. Was so hard contacting them and they lashed out in anger at me when I asked them to pay. =.=
Re[5]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Roxanne 22-05-2017 10:53


I was paid in part last month and have been promised payment this month and following until all of my balance is cleared.
Re: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Another victim 25-05-2017 05:38

I am another victim of this company.Translators need to be aware that this company doesn't pay, it is a scamming company. They cannot even post jobs in Proz anymore, they have been banned.
Re[2]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: KGAnand 25-05-2017 13:34

Worthless Party, <alaysia
Re[2]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Nabilah 14-06-2017 03:33

hi before you say we haven pay who are you show yourself before say!
Re: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: I was scammed by this company 02-06-2017 10:48

Translators be aware that this is a very dishonesty company. It lives up to its bad reputation. I am another translator who has not been paid for my works and they told me that the customer was happy for the translation quality. If you want to work for them, just be aware that you are going to do it for free, they DON'T PAY.
Re[2]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Adeline Teo 16-06-2017 08:42

Hi all,

I am now conducting a legal action against this My Ultimate Translation company, the Malaysia Translation Association is working closely with me for this case.

This company has been delaying my payment for 6 months, so far I only received 20% out of the total payment, I can assure it's a scam based on my experience.

FYI, Nabilah is the one who has been talking to me and giving all the ridiculous excuses such as accountant on maternity leave, CEO isn't available and company is on big financial issue, but I know the only reason is that they are not willing to pay.

And Nabilah, translation is about time and energy, you don't pay, meaning to say you don't respect our professions, you and your company doesn't deserve any respects from us, but I guess you don't care about this, do you? You just want to suck the energy and time out of us and profit yourself. It's such a shame.

Whoever want to join the force in this legal action, please leave a message here, I shall contact you soon. As a Malaysian, and as a professional translator, I won't allow this kind of company continue to operate anywhere in the world.

I will make sure my voice is big enough to get everyone noticed this issue.

Re[3]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Murni binti Jamaludin 22-06-2017 02:32

Hi, I'm Murni Jamaludin. I also have a big issue with this company, Ultimate Translation which did not pay me almost 4.5k. I have no issue with my translation as they do not comment anything about my work. It's nearly a year I'm have been waiting for the payment. Before this they just pay me 1-2 times only. I also have proof of their emails regarding this. Feel free to email me at or skype: mjmurni. I really hope to co-operate with you or anyone to settle this long serious matter. Thank you.
Re[4]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Adeline Teo 27-06-2017 05:38

Hi All,

My Ultimate Translation just contacted me last week to express their sincerity to clear all my outstanding payment for the next 3 months by monthly. So far I have received their first payment few days ago.

There are quite a few translators have reached me in regards to this late-payment or non-payment issue. For those who haven\'t got their payment back, please contact +6019-357 5230, let\'s hope all of you could get back what you are supposed to be paid.

Meanwhile, I will update to you in regards to the payment progress. Let\'s keep an eye on this.
Re[5]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: MURNI BINTI JAMALUDIN 13-07-2017 22:43

They also promised to pay me RM300 first today (13 July 2017) and will keep paying that kind of amount monthly, little by little. Still not sure whether they are really doing it. Wish me luck
Re[7]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: MURNI BINTI JAMALUDIN 14-07-2017 06:02

i\'m not sure what happened to you Roxanne, but I already got my first payment, RM300 after a year via maybank! it is so exhausting to keep begging and chasing them. good luck...
Re[3]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Fakhir Abbasi 04-08-2017 04:16

I have pending invoice of around 90,000 with them since June 2016. Till now I have just received a small amount of 500 RM that too with all the transaction charges on me.
I have now involved the High Commission of India and they have agreed on part payment of 500 RM each month from June 2017. But in June they didn\'t pay giving some foolish reasons. On 14th July the send a transaction receipt that 500 RM payment processed but its 4th August now and while its time to process the August payment as promised, I have still not received the so called payment sent on 14th July.
There is no doubt that they are a cheat company but we all should stand against them and not let them take away our hard earned money. If you have case against them I am with you. I can send you all the proofs. all conversations with them.
I believe that payments with such a long delay must also be charged with late fines and also for mental harassment we pass through.
Re[4]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Fakhir Abbasi 04-08-2017 04:33

@Adeline Teo
Its good to know that you have taken a legal action against these cheaters and Malaysian Translation Association is helping you. Consider myself with you. Though after involvement of Indian High Commission, they have agreed to make part payments to me but still they are not making my payments on time. I have also send a copy of complaint to Royal Malaysian Police but received no reply. There must be a law in your country to deal with such spammers who are spoiling the name of your country.
Re[5]: Non-paying agency:               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Roxanne 11-08-2017 05:09

Gave the company the benefit of doubt. Waited for my payment, promised to be remitted yesterday but I still don\'t have my payment in my account...

I was even asked to remove negative comments on this thread and yet they\'d never do their part as promised on time.

Key is on time, as promised.

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